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Cheapest Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria

With the advent of online shopping stores, people in Nigeria are finding new and easier ways of buying stuff on the internet. So if you’re looking for the best and the cheapest online shopping stores in the country, you are in the right place. Are you looking to buy phones, clothes, shoes, automobiles, even homes? You are welcome to check below for the best choices in Nigeria’s online shopping.

As you can see, we give you ten options. Each of these has its strengths and weakness, while even on good points some excel more than others. But don’t forget, this list is not exhaustive at all. There are other good ones that we did not mention here. It doesn’t mean they are not okay. Maybe they just have not been around for long enough time to get into our rating.

Let’s start with the most popular in Nigeria.

Jumia Nigeria

No doubt, this is the most popular online shopping portal in Nigeria. You can buy things here cheap at any time. Most Nigerians have already done that. You can have goods delivered to your doorstep and then pay cash, or you can opt to pay online and receive your order. Get the cheapest and cool stuff from this portal anytime. Electronics, clothing, shoes, laptops, electronics accessories can also be bought at Jumia at cheap prices.


Konga has recently repositioned itself as one of Nigeria’s biggest online shopping malls by merging with Yudala. Like Jumia, Konga sells electronics, baby wears, men and women wear and a whole lot of stuff. You can even get building and construction materials on the e-commerce site. From time to time, you can get low shipping rates and periodic slash in prices from Konga.

Jiji Nigeria

Jiji is a bit different from most of the online shopping malls in Nigeria. Third party suppliers sell on the platform, and you get used products at very cheap rates. So you know what to do if you are searching for such things. That is not to say that the only thing you can buy on Jiji is used products. You can also buy services on the portal. List your skills, and you will see people who want to make use of your talents and pay for it on Jiji. If you buy here, please be careful as scammers have been known to make use of the portal to rip people off. Ask to see the seller one-on-one before you pay for anything on Jiji.


Dealdey has been around for a long time. It appears that the online shopping site has been here in Nigeria ahead of Jumia. Till now, the management has made it unique by giving up to 80% discounts sometimes. These discounts could affect deals such as food, travel, gadgets, phones, hotel, professional courses, and more. Sometimes it is being referred to as the ‘awuf’ site where people can go and get cheap anything. Delivery is really fast on Dealdey, and you have lots of payment options.


Many of us know it as an offline store that deals on everything; be it laptops, gadgets, and phones but now things have changed now. Slot management wanted people to order goods online, so created an online shopping portal solely for that purpose. Since 2001, Slot has been a pioneer of telecommunication services in Nigeria and is doing so well in satisfying people’s quest for top quality.

3C Hub

3C Hub was offline entirely like Slot too at the beginning. The outfit has many branches in major Nigerian states at the present time. Yet, it has strived in recent times to get more customers through the online shopping portal. They, like their competitors, also offer discounts and if you want cheap goods, you can get them there.

Kara Nigeria

Kara was originally a shopping site for phones and computers. However, the management is set to make it operate at a higher level. Although it is viewed as one of the top online stores in Nigeria, it is not as popular as Jumia or Jiji. This does not mean that it does not have online patronisers at all; as people troop into the online hub in thousands each day. Don’t be surprised if you bought a good quality product there in the best price.

Webmall Nigeria

Webmall is relatively new. It is less than 10 years old but it is also having its own share of the market among the online shopping sites present in Nigeria today. In a short period, this portal has risen to be one of Nigeria’s most formidable online stores today. Buy toys, speakers, laptops, watches, chargers, hair products, other beauty products on Webmall Nigeria online portal. They sell in great prices and you as a buyer can have various ways to pay for goods. Try them today!

SuperMart Nigeria

They say this is the largest online shopping portal right now in Nigeria. One cool thing about them is the online grocery shopping offered just that way – online. They have up to 60,000 items in their stores for shipping. Delivery is quick and fast. Alcohol, toiletries, snacks, Nigerian ingredients, fish meats, and you know what – can be bought here.


Kilimall is really new! The online shopping portal was born about three years ago. It came as a website and an app. This business model also exists in other African countries, so, this could be a new opportunity for the management. They sell fashion products, computers, phones, home appliances, clothing, and many other cool pieces of stuff. It is said that they have the safest payment method online until now. So you can try them and see how easy it gets.


All the online shopping sites mentioned here offer flexible products and services. Get various prices for various products. They also boast excellent services and in some respects quick and free delivery services. Any of the shops that delay your orders should not be patronized anymore; although there could be glitches now and then.

Make your choice on how to pay. In Nigeria, a lot of people still draw back from paying online and all these shops know that, so they make it easy for anyone to buy online in several ways. You can have it your way.

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