Discover Your Phone Addiction Level with This App

Have you ever wondered if you are a phone addict? Know how many times you unlock it throughout the day? Today we are talking about a very simple and very useful application to know how addicted are you to your phone. It is an app that counts how many times you unlock your smartphone. It only does that: count daily unlocks. This figure will let you know how hooked are you on the phone and compare your evolution day after day in case you want to reduce the use of it.

Checky is the app that tells you how many times you use your phone

The application we have chosen is Checky. It is the simplest on Google Play and does not ask for permissions of any kind to analyze all your smartphones. Other applications of this type give you information about the use of apps and other parameters, but in exchange, they ask you for access to everything that happens on your phone.

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To know how many times you unlock your phone you must download Checky from Google Play, install and run it. Enough with that: a From there it will count the times you unlock your phone daily.

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You can check the figure or forget about the app and check it a few times throughout the month. Of course, Checky saves the history of unlocking newspapers of the last weeks, so you can see their progression.

It is not an application that does anything essential, but it weighs little and can give you an idea of how much you use your phone daily. It is likely that you will be surprised at how many times you unlock your phone at the end of the day. So, are you addicted to phones?

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