How To Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S4

Using the Samsung Galaxy S4 is sweet, but you make it sweeter? Activating the Developer options on your Samsung Galaxy S4! Doing this gives you more access to do a lot of incredible things with your Samsung Galaxy S4, and you also get to customise more features, and your Samsung Galaxy S4 begins to make more sense to you.


Doing this is quite very easy, only, if you know where to go to on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and what to do and that is what we are going to be learning in this tutorial and so let us get down to business.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on an Android version of 4.2.2, and this means before you can activate developer options on your Samsung Galaxy s4, you need to jump through some hoops which include how to visualise your touch interaction on your phone, and some other stuff. To gain a deeper access, you are advised to tinker with only what only what you are sure about.

The developer settings for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are hidden when they are on Nexus devices, but if you follow the steps below correctly, you should have no problem with activating the developer settings with just a few clicks.

How To Activate Developer Options On Samsung Galaxy S4

  • First, turn on your phone.
  • Go to your phone menu and the click on the settings icon. Things are a little different on the Samsung Galaxy S4 concerning the settings menu, so you will have to click on More to get started.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and then click on the About Device option.
  • Click on the Build number option seven times. A notification will pop up warning you that you are about to unlock the developer settings on your phone when you have clicked on it for the sixth time and then click on it the seventh time and Shazam! The developer options of your Samsung Galaxy S4 have been unlocked.

The phone warns you how many taps away you are from doing the dev jig, so you would know you have followed the instructions closely when you see it.

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