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Parents are looking for the best ways to protect their children online. If you’re a parent and you care so much about what your child is exposed to online, that shows you care. You may be using some other means to protect them from the dangers of the Internet. It doesn’t matter. You can also try FamiSafe. It offers more advantages as you can see below.

Introducing FamiSafe Parental Control App

FamiSafe is able to protect you and your children from many kinds of online dangers. There are times when a website appears safe to the human eye but it could be harmful in the sense that it could contain harmful content, or it could sell browsing data to others, steal personal information, or do other things you would rather not let anybody else do to you. FamiSafe is able to look through and detect these kinds of dangers.

FamiSafe Activity Report

It does an activity report. The dashboard provides daily monitoring of your kid’s online activity. You can view browsing activity and app usage. In this way, you get to see what your child does on the internet. Even what he or she searches for on the search engines can also be at your fingertips. Thereby, you can get to know what your child likes or the challenges they’re facing.


App Blocker

Through FamiSafe, you can regulate your child’s app usage. This gives you the power to approve or disapprove his use of an app. If you want, you may block unsuitable apps and make them invisible to your child. He or she will not see those apps you blocked displayed on the device. The blockage is not forever, as you can set a time limit for them to be hidden.

Screen Time on FamiSafe

This is the graph on which you visualize your child’s device usage. It consists of historical data and shows you how much time your child spends online. You can see the history per day, week, and month. This also helps you to know which apps they love to use most, and what time of day they make use of them.

FamiSafe Smart Schedule

The smart schedule enables you the authority to set screen time for your child, and remotely block the device as you see fit. Make them stop browsing and do other things. During periods of restrictions, you can whitelist some apps.

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Web Filter

This is where you get to restrict access to dangerous sites. If your child tries to visit them, you will get notified. Add categories as you like. These could be adult content, crime and death, drugs, and so on. Take note that the FamiSafe filter works only on Safari and Chrome browsers. It may not work on other browsers.

Other features in the FamiSafe app are real-time location, which helps you know the whereabouts of your child. The tracker works in real-time. Location history will also help you to look on Google Maps and see where your children have been.

How to Set Up the App

The FamiSafe app is available in Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. Get it from any of these stores and begin by:

  • Creating an account
  • Next, choose an identity. You will be given a code.
  • Then download the FamiSafe parental control app on the child’s computer, smartphone, and tablet
  • Select the Pair With Code option. You will see that on the main screen. Once you’re done with that, you’re good to go.
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