Fearing injury, Apple may not upgrade MacBook Pro in 2022


Recent news published by Chinese website Digitimes suggest that Apple will not update the MacBook Pro in 2022.

The company would be making changes to the vendors of the machines, reallocating most of the orders to Foxconn, but still leaving Quanta as the primary supplier.

With the computer market down, the Cupertino giant has decided not to launch a new model of the MacBook Pro in 2022, investing only in the manufacture of models that are already being mass-produced, a choice that may have been taken to reduce costs and risks.

The MacBook Pro saw its last major upgrade in 2016 when we know its version with Touch Bar, and no USB-A port, opting for USB-C connectivity for all new models, which generated a lot of criticism (especially for users professionals).

Last year, Quanta was responsible for manufacturing nearly 80% of MacBook Pros, while Foxconn was holding just over 20% of orders.

With Quanta having fewer orders, the company would be struggling to find more customers, avoiding a possible (and probably inevitable) drop in revenue.

We remember that compared to the last quarter of 2016, last year, Apple sold more Macs, surpassing ASUS and Acer as the largest global computer vendor, but still lagging behind brands such as HP, Lenovo and Dell.


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