Finally! Good news for Huawei… Return from Google?

After almost half a year of suffering, we seem to have some good news for Chinese giant Huawei… After all, there is now some hope for the return of Google services to the company’s smartphones!

Well, as you may know, the name of Huawei was added to the famous United States Entity List last May. This, in turn, has banned several North American companies from continuing their business dealings with the smartphone maker that currently ranks second in the market, where we have to include Google.

Finally! Good news for Huawei… Make way for Google’s return?

As a result of all this, Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, the Mate 30 Pro, hit the market without any Google Play service. Being based on an open-source version of Android 10. So, in addition to the device not yet being able to reach Europe, sales are also slightly below expectations in the rest of the world… However, there is now a backlight to the tunnel, with an advance in negotiations between the United States and China.

Phase 1 of the United States <-> China agreement

Secretary of State Wilbur Ross has now confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg that the US government is at an early stage of a deal with the Chinese government.

That is, after a few more details finalized, American companies will be able to work with Huawei. In fact, the state has received 260 business license applications in recent months… However, not all will be accepted.

Which of course means that Google services may be about to return!

Despite the return of Google services, there is still a long road to walk

Well, even if the two governments agree, and Google can offer its services to Huawei again. There are still a few more hurdles to overcome, particularly in hardware, as many of the company’s smartphone components rely on US-produced patents and products.

Still, British giant ARM Tech has said it will continue to work with Huawei

ARM has already announced that it will continue to supply and license technologies to Huawei. Is that if you do not know, the Kirin 990 and Ascend 910 AI chipset. After all, ARM is from the United Kingdom, so you don’t necessarily have to follow Donald Trump’s orders… However, there are some technologies used in chips based on some US patents.

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