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Finally! Uber drivers are now monitored in real time

Uber is one of the most used transportation applications in the world but has also been present in various police news stories, taking into account where drivers need to pass and do not always receive the necessary security, making it victims of robbery or murder.

In addition to these crimes, there are also cases where lightning kidnapping occurs, where the criminal keeps the driver hostage, takes possession of the vehicle and practices assaults and rapes, causing problems for the true owner of the car. In order to improve this safety for both the customer and the driver, Uber’s monitoring will be modified to increase service security and quickly discover dangerous activities.

The new way of tracking will conduct a criminal background check of registered drivers in order to avoid future crimes where the victims are the users of the application. It is believed that this data crossing is done by the numbers of the registered documents, but even this “espionage” is dangerous since there is a risk that the cadastre will be carried out with falsified documents (yes, there is noon for everything in this life!).

Obviously, anyone who was caught in this monitoring, but has already paid for his sentence, will undergo a new process to be reinserted into the database as a driver, because if the debt to society is already paid, there is no reason to prohibit him from working honestly.

This change in the monitoring will not make any type of punishment for drivers with traffic violations, unless it has to do with trampling involving an attempt or murder, because in these cases the report card is made and immediately the program detects.

And, dear reader, do you think this change will make Uber safer? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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