Full Specs of Newly Unveiled Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has unleashed another awesome flagship Smartphone again into the market in the form of its Samsung Galaxy S6.

Its improvements on the battery life, charging, the screen, the performance, the cameras, software and a new design make it appear to be a big BoMb for Samsung.

“This products is the result of a simple philosophy,” Samsung CEO J.K. Shin said. “It comes to two words – Relentless innovation.”

Samsung boasted that this newly released Smartphone would have the “fastest, brightest camera on the market” and showed how it was able to illuminate a night scene.

With the success of the Apple Pay, Samsung also had promised its new devices would be equipped with Samsung Pay – a contact-less payment system.


Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy S6

Buy Now fromJumia.com.ng @ ₦180,000

 Buy Now from Konga.com @ ₦180,000

The Samsung Galaxy S6 certainly feels premium, all encased in Gorilla Glass 4, front and back. The smartphone inside the glass shell is made from machined metal so it looks expensive and feels strong. Although the all glass design does make the worry of dropping it a bit more pressing than on older handsets. That said Gorilla Glass 4 wasn’t on older handsets and Sammy adding glass to the front and back suggests it’s confident the new stuff is strong. We didn’t have a chance to drop it in our hands-on time, and to be honest we didn’t want to let it go.

samsung galaxy s6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a close as you’ll get to bezel-free on a Samsung without going for the more expensive Galaxy S6 edge option. The handset feels like mostly screen in the hand which is great as it’s verging on phablet territory with that 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is powered by the latest 14nm 64-bit Exynos octa-core processor backed by 3GB of RAM. In short we couldn’t slow it down. No matter what combination of tasks and multi-tasking we threw at it the Galaxy S6 kept up. How that translates to battery life isn’t clear from our short time with the handset but Samsung assures us that processor is efficient enough to make that a worry of the past.

DDR4 means 80 per cent better memory while 14nm chips mean 35 per cent more energy efficiency, says Samsung.

Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy S6

Buy Now fromJumia.com.ng @ ₦180,000

Buy Now from Konga.com @ ₦180,000

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