Galaxy S10 + “surpass” iPhone XS Max in the battery test

According to the test results of Toms Guide, Galaxy S10 + provides significantly better battery life than Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max. Specifically, while Apple’s mobile model only uses 10 hours 38 minutes, this number on the Galaxy S10 + has lasted nearly 2 hours, to 12 hours 35 minutes. It is known that this test is web surfing with LTE network with screen brightness set at 150 nits.

Like the iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10 + comes with a 7nm chipset and specifically, this is the Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm. Combined with the improved power performance of the monitor and other components, it is understandable why the Galaxy S10 + can provide better battery life than the iPhone XS Max. In addition, it also comes with a significantly higher 4.100mAh battery than the competitor’s 3.174mAh battery.

That’s not to mention, Galaxy S10 + also charge significantly faster than iPhone Xs Max. The device comes with a 15W charger that can charge from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours, while the iPhone XS Max is only equipped with 5W charging tubers and takes more than 2.5 hours to fully charge the entire battery.

However, this is only an experiment and in fact, the battery life will vary depending on the intended use of the user. Therefore, for some people, iPhone XS Max can provide better battery life than Galaxy S10 +.

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