Galaxy S20 + reaches tenth place in DxOMark

Unlike last year, the new S20s all have the same basic design and specifications. In other words, the screen has the same resolution, the margins are exactly the same, and the curvature is also in the entire range (the curvature ‘edge’ is now much smaller compared to the past. Don’t ask me why). In fact, if you happen to be looking straight ahead, you will have some difficulty in differentiating the devices from each other. In short, only size changes! But there are also differences in the cameras. Today, DxOMark announced the Samsung Galaxy S20 + camera score which translates to 118 points. This puts you in the tenth position. According to this organization, Samsung’s bet is a smartphone with an excellent performance in terms of photography. In practice, the image quality is comparable to the most expensive bet, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. More specifically, it was four points behind him.

Galaxy S20 + reaches tenth place in DXOMARK

The Samsung Galaxy S20 + scored 127 points in the field of photography and 100 points in the case of video. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra won 132 points in the photos and 102 points in the video.

This reveals that within the S20 range, the S20 + is undoubtedly a good option for those looking for a top smartphone at a lower price compared to the Ultra. I remember that the configuration of this smartphone includes wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, zoom, and bokeh sensors. The S20 +’s wide-angle and bokeh sensors are particularly impressive, thanks to the excellent exposure and color in almost all lighting conditions. Autofocusing guarantees a lot of precision.

Galaxy S20 + DXOMARK Camera
Galaxy S20 + DXOMARK Camera

Although being in the tenth position may seem too bad, it is not so. It is true that the 12-megapixel sensor present in the S20 + is slightly inferior in terms of noise or texture. However, the lens responsible for the zoom works quite well. Another asset is 8K video recording.

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