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Galaxy X will be expected from Samsung instead of S9 or Note 9

Looking ahead, Samsung will release one of the super- hit Galaxy S9. Then near the end of the year, the Galaxy Note 9 is also rumored to be coming out with a built-in AI processor and a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

However, they are not worth the most anticipated products from technology giants Korea, but it was Galaxy X. A device that can fold the screen has appeared in many reports and invention recently.

As part of the effort, the Galaxy X will be launched in late 2018. In the worst case, the device will be postponed to launch in 2023.

DJ Koh revealed to the media

“It’s hard to say exactly when the product launch date right now, but we wanted to reveal the exact date, but now it’s a little early, and the company is waiting for a positive response from customers. When phones hit the market, there are still a lot of issues that need to be resolved, such as obstacles related to user experience, “said DJ Koh.

Samsung also announced earnings results for the fourth quarter, as revenue surged thanks to the success of its memory chip business and its business plan for 2018.

In a press release, the Korean tech giant also mentioned plans to launch smartphone screen fold this year.

Galaxy S8

OLED display business will enhance competitiveness in the premium segment along with the release of flip screens and focus on expanding new applications in areas such as automotive electronics by leveraging public Technology as well as cost competitiveness.

For the smartphone business, Samsung will continue its efforts to upgrade its smartphone brand by adopting advanced technologies, such as the foldable OLED display.

The company will also promote new businesses related to AI/IoT (Internet Mutual Internet), invest by enhancing the ecosystem based on Bixby virtual assistant and build Samsung’s 5G technology.

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