Global Investors to Tap into Nigeria’s ICT Potentials

A group of international investors is seeking more opportunities, and they believe some potentials lie inside Nigeria.

The Nigeria Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS) convening in London has announced its next summit with a theme- “Computer Village” & Information Communication Technology (ICT) Summit.

Stakeholders have also expressed happiness about this new initiative, which appears to be very beneficial to Nigeria’s economy, should all hands be on deck to make it work.

Issuing a statement, Mr. Oludare Folowosele expressed his happiness about this new initiative because it will surely attract more foreign investments.

At present, NDDIS has entered into collaboration with the computer village market management board. It is also in talks with the Nigerian High Commission, Office of the Prime Minister’s Trade envoy to Nigeria, and other organizations.

Computer Village
Computer Village

This summit is designed to attract international investors, computer accessories manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and IT experts to invest in Computer Village in Nigeria. As of now, this is the largest ICT market in Africa.

Other invitees are the National assembly committees on ICT and Telecommunications, Diaspora and international investors; UK ICT Captains and Players, TELCOS, Exporters, Bankers, and IT professionals are all invited to year’s Summit in the UK.

The stakeholders and experts at the forefront of this Summit are mainly looking for opportunities to expand Africa’s Largest ICT Hub and build capacity and investment into Nigeria.

Otunba Ajiboye will mobilize the participation of important stakeholders in Nigeria. There will be more than 30 members on the committee.

The event will kick off with an evening of networking cocktail and launching at the banquet hall of the Nigerian High Commission on the 26th of August. The new Nigerian High Commissioner is expected to be addressed to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Sarafat Ishola, and others.

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