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Google Play Store – 11 RPG games you have to test on your smartphone

Well, let’s start this article with two fantastic novelties. Games for smartphones are ever more spectacular and popular, and the Google Play Store is ‘out of the woods’ for games and applications!

For it is true that none of this information is new. But, they are certainly a reality. More specifically in the world of games for smartphones, there are two categories that have presented incredible growth, FPS and RPG.

In case you do not know what these acronyms mean, FPS refers to ‘First Person Shooter’ and RPG ‘Role Playing Game’. In the first category, to dominate the rankings for a long time is Fortnite and PUBG. In the case of RPGs, you have a plethora of options in the Google Play Store. However, finding those true pearls can be quite complicated.

Try these 11 RPG games on your Android phone

For the most distracted, in the RPG category are included those games in which you have a character and travel across vast worlds to complete tasks and kill creatures. So throughout the history of the game, you will find/buy new equipment that will allow you to evolve your character.

Of course, like in so many other categories, there are various types of RPG games, and certainly, you will find one that fits your preferences. To keep the entire gaming experience dynamic, you can always opt for a MMRPG, which is played in multiplayer mode by millions of players.

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So here I leave you a list of 11 RPG games that you can already download tassel in the Google Play Store. Any of these may be the missing pearl on your Android smartphone, so give them a try!

11 Free RPG Games in the Google Play Store

Shadow Fight 3

Iron Blade- Medieval Legends RPG

SoulCraft 2 – Action RPG

&Darkness Rises

?Bladebound ? Immortal Hack & Slash Action ???

The Walking Dead- Road to Survival

Age of Magic

Tap Titans 2

Questland- RPG Heroes Quest

The World 3- Rise of Demon

In short, if these games do not reach you, take a look at our “Tips” tab. You will surely find something else to install on your smartphone.

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