GRADO SR80x Wired Headphones – Good Sounds, Comfortable

Two spectacular things to know about GRADO Headphones are the build and the design. Here are headphones that sound lively, full of bass, and quite warm. The company behind the GRADO SR80x Headphones has won several awards for producing spectacular gadgets.

Overview of GRADO SR80x Headphones

We love the fact that they are lightweight, so you don’t have to feel like you have some burden on your head after wearing them for some time. At the same time, they are more comfortable on your ears. If you’re at home or on a journey, you can make use of the headphones for long periods without feeling pangs of pain in your ears.

You can also feel the audio bleed out a little so others around you can hear the music. They are open-backed and has upgraded drivers too, improving the bass and the mid-range.

Grado Sr80x
Grado Sr80x

Think about it in terms of fourth-generation Grado drivers. They are specifically tuned for the headphones. The speaker design features a powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil. The diaphragm has been reconfigured. The features inside the headphones are strategically placed to harmonize the integrity of musical outputs.

The cables and the headband have also gone through various upgrades, while the GRADO SR80x Headphones themselves live inside a better, more durable braided sheathing. There’s the super annealed copper wire for improved purity of the audio output.

GRADO SR80x Headphones Specs

Package Dimensions 9.17 x 7.95 x 1.93 inches
Weight 340 grams
Model Grado SR80x
Material Synthetic
Connectivity Wired
Date Released May 2021
Grado- Wired Open Back Stereo Headphones

What’s Better in GRADO SR80x Headphones?

  • The upgraded braided cable removes the twisting of wires. There are now four-conductor super annealed copper wiring
  • Upgraded padded headband made of synthetic, vegan-friendly material

V-Shaped Frequency Response of SR80x

It is possible that you will hear new sounds with the SR80x that you have not noticed from the use of other headphones. Bass’s response in this gadget is surprisingly awesome. The SR80x Headphones are tuned so nicely that you get all the details in sound at mids and the highs. Even though the bass may not be that powerful as that of other headphones, it does well in isolating instrumentals.

Be careful if you feel a need to increase the volume to the highest point. It could harm your ears! Usage of the SR80x Headphones inside a train or an airplane must be done with caution.

Pricing of GRADO SR80x Headphones

The SR80x headphones sell for only $125 at the moment.


Some users have explained how GRADO SR80x Headphones made their day the very first day they used them. The accessories may not be the best when it comes to producing big loud bass but it wins in other useful ways. Make use of the gadget and let the old tune come alive anew. Listen to songs and hear new sounds when do it with the GRADO SR80x. It doesn’t take a lot to start listening.

All you need to do is get a headphone jack and a library full of songs. If you bother about whether they will last long, that shouldn’t be a concern. These pair of headphones are built with materials that will make it last longer if you make use of them with care.

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