How Can I Send Snap Cash In Snapchat?

5 years ago, Snapchat went into partnership with Square to create a simple-to-operate mobile payment system. Till last year, users could send and receive cash via Snapcash, but, this service was stopped August, 2018.

Uncomfortable as it is, you do not have to bother about the cash spent through Snapcash before the it was stopped. Also, a peer-to-peer mobile payment application exists that Snapchat vouches for as a decent alternative.

In this tutorial, we will highlight what happened to the cash you sent then. You will also locate a section about how Cash App, the alternative can be used.


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Where Is The Cash?

Before it got stopped, you just needed to add your debit card to your Snapchat account to begin to receive or send cash. The process was not complicated. Like PayPal, you were able to receive cash even if your debit card was yet to be linked.

Head into any chat and you could type a dollar sign and click a button to send cash. If you are the one getting the cash, Snapchat notifies you and the cash will instantly be paid into your account.

Sharp right? But the initial reports of the service stopping began to circulate early July 2018. And Snapcash only kept working till August 30, 2018.

If you were yet to link your debit card, you were given 2 days to get that done to withdraw the money. Or, the cash would be sent back to the sender. Snapcash users could also preview transaction history for a month after the discontinuation before that privilege was taken away.

How Can I Use CashApp?

Snapchat says Snapcash was also available via Cash App. So you might fancy the application if you loved Snapcash. This is how to go about using the payment system:

  1.  Get the app downloaded and installed and make use of the in-app to link the application to your bank account (debit/credit card). When you are done with that, it is simple to request or send cash.
  2. To request cash on Cash App, you just need to enter the amount you want and tap “Request,” and then type in the sender ID plus the purpose. The application allows you to request by sender’s $Cashtag, email, name, or phone no.

When you are set, click “Request.” at the top right corner.

Sending cash through Cash App is identical to requesting cash. Before before hitting “Pay,” click menu to choose your desired method of payment.


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Why Was Snapchat Cancelled?

No official announcement has been made to state the reason yet plus there was no news on Snapcash’s usage statistics.

But our guess is due to that fact that Snapchat has (most likely inadvertently) become a platform to sell amateur adult content. Knowing this, some users might’ve used Snapcash to get explicit pictures from other users.

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