How Do I Change Aspect Ratio On My Sharp TV

If you are not aware, lots of users do not fancy the black bars that are visible on the top and bottom of their television screen when they watch their favorite TV shows. If you are wondering why it happens, it is simple, it occurs when the aspect ratio of the program you are watching does not match with the screen of your TV set.

Not to worry though, because the issue can easily be fixed. You just need to make adjustments to the aspect ratio setting on your specific TV set and that will be that. Let’s answer your How Do I Change Aspect Ratio On My Sharp TV question:

Change Aspect Ratio Sharp TV
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How Can I Adjust Aspect Ratio Using My Remote Control?

One of the easiest ways to adjust the aspect ratio of your TV is by using the remote control and then locating the setting in the menu list. A lot of Sharp TV remote controls come with standard settings, and to adjust the resolution of your TV screen, do this:

  1. On your remote, press “Menu.” Too many Sharp TV remote controls will have this marked as a menu or 3 horizontal lines. If you do not see “Menu,” check your manual. If you do not have it anymore, locate your TV model instructions below to locate your specific TV manual.
  2. From the menu, navigate and select “Settings” and “System Settings.” Use the Up and Down, or Left and Right buttons to move through the options.
  3. Beneath “Settings,” search for “Picture” or “Screen Settings.”
  4. Beneath “Picture” or “Screen Settings,” search for and select “Screen Size” or “Picture Size.” This will reveal a list of the various aspect ratios available for your television set.
  5. Select your preferred aspect ratio then find and tap “Continue” or press OK on your remote.
  6. Your television will now display your preferred aspect ratio.

How Can I Adjust Aspect Ratio Using My Manual Settings Controls?

If your remote control is not available, the menu settings can be accessed from your Television itself. A Menu button will be visible on the front of your TV, that is it. If your specific model has no front buttons, search for them on the side or beneath the display.

Rather than the directional buttons, you can make use of the channel navigation and the volume control buttons to swipe through the settings. Adhere to the guidelines as seen above to locate the aspect ratio options and choose your preference. If you cannot find the manual buttons on your specific TV set, reach out for your manual, or check the “Finding your TV model” section.

Change Aspect Ratio Sharp TV
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How Can I Find My Sharp TV Model?

If your Sharp TV does not have the regular controls or settings, your manual should help. If your manual is nowhere to be found, however, you can still get what you want online. See how:

  1. Locate your television’s serial number. This can be found on the back of the TV. Surprisingly, it can also be found on the front cover of the physical copy of your user manual.
  2. Head to the Sharp TV Product Support site.
  3. Tap “Please select your product dropdown” and locate your unit’s model from the list.
  4. Way down on your unit’s product page, tap on the specific User Guide Link.
  5. Get the manual downloaded, or read it on your browser.

That is that.

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