How Do I Fix My AirPods Blinking Orange

Apple AirPods are surely one of the best wireless earbuds you will find around as it is super user-friendly, minimalistic, and it integrates smoothly with your iPhone and even Android devices. However, it comes with its fair share of issues too.

Even if Apple Airpods are amazing and simple to use, at times, it can begin to flash specific coloured lights. The lights range from white, orange and green, and each colour stands for something different. To fix the orange colour issue, see the answer to your How Do I Fix My AirPods Blinking Orange question:

What Does A Flashing Orange Light Mean?

If your AirPods flashes solid green, this means that the battery has lots of juice. If it flashes orange, it means you have less than one full charge on them. If the light flashes white, it means that the device is set to set up. Immediately you see your Airpods blinking orange, you simply have to set it up again. Do not worry though, because the setup process is far from complicated. We break it all down below:

How Can I Set Up My AirPods?

To set up your AirPods, simply head to the Home screen on your iPhone and open the lid on the case while the AirPods are inside. Ensure the AirPods is placed close to your phone and a notification would be visible almost immediately. Click “Connect.”

Fix AirPods Blinking Orange
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If you are yet to set up “Hey Siri” on your iPhone, the phone will guide you through the process. This is especially the case for gen-2 AirPods and AirPods Pro. Once this is done, your AirPods would be good to go, and the flashing orange light will be a thing of the past.

How Can I Change The Name Of My AirPods

Like several other Apple devices, your AirPods will be named as well. By default, this should be [your name]’s AirPods, however, you are allowed to customize your AirPods’ name if that is what you want.

Fix AirPods Blinking Orange
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To make this happen, simply head to your Bluetooth settings. Access “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad, and head to “Bluetooth” After that, check the list of available devices. Under “My Devices” and close to your AirPods, click “i,” then click “Name” to alter it.

How Can I Pair My Airpods With Non-iOS Devices?

Even if Apple products are best used with other Apple products, AirPods functions well with non-iOS devices too. If you are looking to pair with a non-Apple device for the first time, simply place the AirPods back in the case and close the lid.

After that, flip the case open and hold down the button on the case’s bottom. The LED light will begin to blink white. Now, head to the Bluetooth devices list on your Android phone. From there, you will be able to easily tap on your AirPods to connect them to your device.

That is that.

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