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How Do I Set Up Credit Card Travel Notifications?

Maybe you are prepared for your next trip, but is your credit card on the same page? Depending on your card issuer, setting up a travel notification for your account might be necessary.

The addition of a travel notification is quite simple. For several credit cards, you simply have to adhere to these instructions:

  1. Get through to your card company on phone, get yourself logged into its website or access its application.
  2. Have your travel dates and locations shared.
  3. Ensure your travel notifications are submitted and verified.

This will aid you to be free from possible troubles and shameful situations when you are gone.

Need More Information On Travel Notifications?

A travel notification is basically a setting you enable on your credit card account. It is simply you informing your card issuer that you will be making use of the card outside of regular locations. By so doing, they do not think your card has been stolen.

On a trip by road, you can buy something with your card in one town and then attempt to buy things in a different location but see your card not accepted. You cannot blame the card, because as soon as transaction come across as fraudulent, it will stop functioning, even if in actual fact, the transaction is legit. Purchase location is only one factor credit card companies look into to notice fraudulent transactions.

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Whenever a customer begins to use a card at a location they are new in, like another nation, it does not necessarily mean they will get declined, but it boosts the chance that the company might end the transaction if the feel it is fraud.

Transactions may be seen as fraudulent and your card can be rendered inactive just as a precaution, especially if the company cannot get through to you for any sort of confirmation. If you only took a single card on your trip, there is a bigger problem at hand. Fortunately, making use of a travel notification before you step out of your home is a very easy solution.

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How Can You Set Up Travel Notifications?

A travel notification normally needs you to reveal your planned destinations and the dates of the trip to your card issuer. Knowing that, the card issuer is well aware of how to know the difference between fraudulent transactions and real ones. You normally have some options to set up a travel notification. Before anything else, your card issuer can be called. When you turn the card to the back, a phone number you can dial will be visible. If you fancy digital communication, you can just set up a travel notification via the credit card company’s website or application.

Every credit card company will have its own travel notification policies. Even if several companies will let you set up travel notifications, some others will not require any provision of your travel plans. Here are some policies of popular credit card issuers:

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1. American Express

They do not ask for travel notifications, due to fraud detection capabilities.

2. Bank of America

It lets you create a travel notice for almost 60 days before your trip, and it can last for about 90 days from the first day of your excursion. With a single travel notice, you can set up several itineries from lots of cards. You have to give Bank of America a phone number for when you travel from home. You are also give details of where you’ll be living, any planned layovers e.t.c.

3. Barclays

For them, a travel notification is not compulsory, but it is a wise step to take to stay away from declined buys just because you are travelling abroad or to another part of a country you are in. Reach out to the bank via your mobile phone, or check out your account online or through the Barclays app to set up a notification. If you intend to travel for more than a year, link up with the bank by phone to set up a notification.

3. Capital One

It requires no notification of travel plans since it possesses the extra security of the bank’s chip cards.

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4. Chase

It allows you set up a travel notification for almost a year before your trip. This notification can last for almost 90 days. The notification can also be applied to several cards at the same time and at various destinations.

5. Discover

They advice you to set up a notification before any journey abroad. Your travel start date can be almost 24 months in the future, and travel notifications can last about 2 years.

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