How To Change Your SMS Alert Tone On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Notification sounds are vital because they make sure that you do not ignore your messages, make sure you receive calls, or let you rise from your bed when your alarm sounds. Even if there are so many things we can say to highlight how vital sound is, it is obvious that not everyone knows how to edit their notification sounds. This problem can easily be rectified by adhering to the instructions in this tutorial.

Because Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was massively hyped, it comes as no shock to see iPhone owners migrating to Android. But there is an issue, the settings on iOS phones are not the same as the ones on Android phones like the Galaxy Note 9. This issue has made it so hard for fresh Android users to alter features like the message ringtone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can change the preloaded notification sounds by having them replaced with ringtones that are your preferred songs from Adele, Kizz Daniel, Stormzy and the rest. You only require the audio file of the custom sound you intend to use.


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Changing the default notification sounds is possible by adhering to these instructions:

  1. Click “Apps” on your Galaxy Note 9.
  2. Choose “Messages.”
  3. Now choose More.
  4. Select “Settings.”
  5. Choose the Notification Sound.
  6. Select the custom notification sound you intend to set for your notifications.

These steps can be repeated whenever you feel changing the notification sounds that your phone uses.

How Can I Set My SMS Notification Sound Using A Sound Preloaded On My Phone?

Custom audio files can be used as the notification sound for a particular application on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device. But you have to first make sure that you have downloaded the needed audio file on your phone. As soon as that is done, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Again, head to your home screen and click “Apps.”
  2.  Choose “My Files” from the Apps menu.
  3. Access where your favorite audio file has been saved.
  4. Touch and hold the audio file till a list of options are visible.
  5. Choose More options.
  6. Now have the file copied by clicking on copy.
  7. After copying the audio file, choose Device Storage.
  8. In “Storage,” click Notifications, and the file will be pasted into that folder.
  9. Click Done.


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When that is done, you are through with creating a fresh ringtone from your preferred downloaded tracks. You are allowed to transfer any number of files you fancy to this notification folder. Use the instructions below to have it set as your notification sound.

  1. Click Apps in the home screen.
  2. Head to Messages.
  3. In Messages, choose More.
  4. Right here, click on Settings.
  5. Click Notifications.
  6. Choose Notification sound.
  7. Select the audio file that you downloaded since it now part of the notification sounds and ringtones that can be used by you. You are not prohibited from having a separate custom sound for every application on your device. You can even return to alter your notification sounds whenever you want to.
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