How to choose a cheap hosting – 7 tips

To choose a hosting for a website, you need to evaluate some fundamental aspects. The rule is especially true if you have decided to save and have set a not-so-high budget for your purchase.

So let’s analyze the elements you need to take into account before choosing a cheap, but at the same time reliable, hosting.

Keep in mind that usually low-cost hosting, the cheapest ones, are all shared hosting, that is many sites share the same resources of a single server, and therefore if suddenly a site crashes the server, your site will also crash until the support is restored.

General hardware considerations

The backbone of a reliable web hosting is certainly represented by the hardware. This is an infrastructural feature that makes a difference in how your site works. What you need to understand is what kind of hardware the company you are targeting has.

In particular, which processors are mounted by the hosting provider’s web servers and if the disks are solid-state (faster and more performing) or mechanical. It is good practice that this information is described publicly and directly on the provider’s official website.

However, it may happen that the company has not released this type of news on its pages. In this case, we recommend that you contact the company, perhaps by writing an e-mail message or perhaps using the contact channel available for pre-sales assistance.

Since you are, it would also be advisable to check if the hard drives are in RAID and if each component of the servers is of the most recent generation.

The width of the band

You cannot fail to consider the extent of the bandwidth when buying cheap hosting. This is the element corresponding to the amount of data that can pass through a network in a certain amount of time.

Don’t think that just because the hosting service is cheaper, it doesn’t have to be of quality from this point of view. Indeed, any expensive or low-cost reliable web hosting must be equipped with a very large bandwidth.

This is because the wider the amplitude, the lower the risk that the site will have to deal with the so-called bottleneck, that is the phenomenon that occurs when the traffic flow cannot be managed by the network.

Redundancy, infrastructure, and security

The redundancy, infrastructure and security- These are three cornerstones of a web hosting worthy of being chosen. In fact, it would be advisable that the low-cost service you are relying on does not have an infrastructure that relies on independent servers.

In fact, there is a risk that the service offers lower reliability standards and a lower level of security than you would have if the service were provided in the cloud. Consequently, you should also take into account other decisive variables.

These include the proximity to the most important network hubs, as well as firewalls and the presence of intrusion controls and data replication systems. These are elements that manage to create a greater margin of safety, thus making the difference compared to other similar services.

Data traffic

Data traffic is another fundamental parameter to check if the hosting you will buy is a low-cost one. More specifically, you should check if there are any limits on the amount of data that can be generated by a site in a given period of time.

In the event that the hosting is chosen imposes such a limit, exceeding it implies a deactivation or in any case the request for a surcharge.

The webspace available

Don’t forget that hosting should guarantee your domain transfer or registration. As these are low-cost services, it may be that this additional feature is not there.

Once this is done you have to think about the amount of space you can have for your files.

If you were to leave out this particular, know that you could suddenly find yourself without space available. Which will inevitably lead you to upgrade (and of course it would be an additional expense). You shouldn’t go under 1 Giga of space, even if then each case must be checked for itself.

The e-mail service

Usually, a hosting service makes one or more e-mail boxes available to the customer. Since these are economic services, it will be advisable to inform you about their overall capacity. In addition, it is always better to check if fundamental services such as spam and antivirus filters are also offered.

The boxes are not very capacious fill up quickly, and so there is the danger of not being able to receive incoming messages.

Hosting with “predisposition” to CMS such as WordPress or Joomla

A point in favor of a low-cost hosting service is the possibility of self-installing the most famous and used CMS such as WordPress and Joomla, an excellent solution especially for those who have just started blogging and have no idea how to use FTP for transfer data or how to create a database.

The assistance service

Do not neglect this fundamental aspect, which could often be useful in the use of your website. The drawbacks are around the corner so you shouldn’t opt ​​for a service that doesn’t guarantee customer support.

When you buy hosting, even if you pay little, find out if there is a number to call or a communication channel that allows you to quickly contact someone to solve any problems.

Certainly, given the low costs, you cannot have a certain level of claims for web hosting, but at least it would be advisable to enjoy the possibility of getting an answer in a short time.

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