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Anyone who owns an Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Watch or a Mac may have encountered problems of any kind with them. Often, these problems have been solved simply by asking a more informed friend, but some of these problems may not be available to everyone. The simplest and most effective solution is to contact Apple.

How to contact Apple

A first method made available to contact the company of the bitten apple is to use telephone assistance, completely free of charge. To start a phone call you must call the toll-free number: 800 915 904. Assistance will be available from 8:00 to 19:45. Before speaking by telephone with an operator, small steps must be taken, such as knowing the serial number of the device.

iPhone / iPad serial number

To find the serial number of an iPhone or iPad, you will have to follow the following path:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Click on “General and then on “Info;
  • Go down below, until the “Serial number” item appears.

Mac serial number

To find the serial number on a Mac:

  • Enter the Mac;
  • Click on the Apple logo;
  • Go to “About this Mac” and locate the “Serial number” item;

Apple Watch serial number

To find the serial number on an Apple Watch you will have to:

  • Open the Watch application from the iPhone;
  • Click on “General;
  • Click on the “Info” item and find the “Serial Number” item.

After identifying the serial number, you can contact Apple support by telephone. If you call from the number associated with an Apple account, the recognition will be easier and more immediate. Furthermore, if previously there have been other calls with the Apple phone support, you will be asked if it is the same problem as the previous one, so that an operator who is aware of your problem can intervene. It will be possible to call another toll-free number which will allow assistance on all Apple services and products. The number in question is- 800 554 533. The keys to press will be the following:

  • 1 information on purchasing Apple products ;
  • 2 information on the status of the repair and technical support;
  • 3 information on iTunes, AppStore, gift cards and iCloud ;
  • 4 information on recent orders and returns;
  • 5 information on privacy that Apple offers;
  • # if the internal number of the specialist is known
  • 7 listen to all the voices.

Online assistance

How to Contact Apple Online Live Chat Support Team

There are a lot of ways to contact Apple, one of them is definitely online support.

  1. To use the online assistance it will be necessary to connect to the dedicated page.
  2. After opening the page a box menu will open.
  3. Each box will contain a specific Apple product or service.
  4. Depending on your needs, you will have to click on one of them.
    • For example, clicking on the iPhone, a further menu will open, in which frequent problems will appear and if yours were included in these, you will click on one of these and it will give you all possible solutions.

Support via Twitter

For those who love social networks and can’t get away from them, Apple has well thought of also activating support via Twitter. To take advantage of Twitter support, you will have to:

  • Log in to Twitter;
  • Add the Apple @Applesupport account, searching through the appropriate function;
  • Click on “Follow“.

To bring Apple’s attention to your problem, all you need to do is go to the @AppleSupport page, which you just followed, click on “Send Tweet“. From there you can start a conversation with an employee, who will help you solve the problem. Another easy way to get Apple to support you will be to mention with “@AppleSupport“, followed by a message with the problem written on it, via your tweet. The “private” support messages that you will send, or the tweets you will post by mentioning Apple, will have to be written in English because it is the international support page.

Apple Support via Twitter

Support via app

Not to let us miss anything Apple has thought of every form of support to meet us in solving problems. You can also request support through the Apple Support application, which can be downloaded directly from the AppStore, or by clicking here. How to use the application?

  • After downloading it, you will need to open it. It will automatically recognize your account;
  • After entering the app, you will find below 3 options- “Discovery” – “Get support” – Account“;
  • Discovery” will be used to find out, as the name suggests, all the iOS tips;
  • Get Support” will be used for troubleshooting;
  • Account” will be used to view some of your account information

Apple Store Support

If through these methods that Apple has purposely created you don’t have to solve your problem, the best solution would be to go to an Apple Store center. Inside, in addition to being present competent and specialized people, you will find a space dedicated to assistance. It takes the name of “Genius and through an appointment, you can talk to a specialist. It will guide you in solving your problems with Apple products or the services it offers.

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