How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarm Clock On LG G7

Having a built-in alarm clock on our smartphones is one very useful feature for many users. This means that you do not need to take an alarm clock along with you whenever you travel and are in a different time zone. Apart from waking you up in the morning to get you ready, alarm clocks can also serve as reminders for important events. The clock can also be used as a timer or a stopwatch as well.

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The clock on your smartphone also stores different time zones that are important to you which you can use for reference. This comes in very handy when you want to send a message or call your mum for instance, who lives in a different time zone. This will help remind you that it may be daytime for you but also midnight for your mum who is in a different time zone. The Snooze feature also helps when you need that extra rest when you are tired from being up all night.

Below are the steps to help you set, edit and delete the alarm clock on your LG G7.

Manage Alarms

To create new alarms on your device, tap on Apps > Clock > Create. Edit the options below as you wish.

  • Time – Tap on the arrows, either Up or Down to edit the time your alarm will go off. You can also switch between AM and PM.
  • Repeat – This is to set the days you want your alarm to go off. Tick the Repeat weekly box to repeat the alarm on your chosen days of the week.
  • Alarm type – Select the type of alarm you want plus the way it is activated (Sound, Vibration or Vibration and Sound).
  • Alarm tone – Choose the audio your phone plays when the alarm goes off.
  • Volume – Select sound level you want your alarm to ring bu dragging the slider higher or lower.
  • Snooze – You can turn the snooze feature ON or OFF by tapping on the toggle. You also have different time intervals you can pick from.
  • Name – This will help you identify your alarms if you have more than one alarms on your device.

Setting the Snooze Feature

If your alarm goes off and you want an added minute or two before you get up and get ready, you can use the snooze feature. Simply tap on the “ZZZ” sign to activate it. Note that to use the Snooze feature when your alarm goes off, you need to first set it to the alarm settings.

Deleting an Alarm

If you want t to delete an alarm on your LG G7, simply go to the alarm menu. Tap and hold on the alarm you want to erase and then tap on Delete. If you just want to disable the alarm and save it for later, simply tap on the Clock.

Turning Off an Alarm

To turn off an alarm on your device, simply tap and swi[e the red “X” in any direction.

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