How To Fix A Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus That Powers Off Randomly?


Several Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners have been complaining about the latest firmware updates. Their complaint is because their device has been randomly shutting off ever since. This can be a terrible thing to happen to a phone and it will surely annoy any phone owner, so we feel their pain.

However, it can be fixed. You just have to adhere to the simple instructions below that will make the shutting off a thing of the past.

Why Is My Galaxy S9 Or S9+ Randomly Shutting Down?

We highlighted one of the reasons above, a firmware update, but that is not all. It can be a hardware issue, physical fault or a battery malfunction. The problem mainly occurs when the device is finding it difficult to process all you commanded it to do.

But if the random shutdown problem began after you updated your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, then you are certain that updating your device’s firmware is the reason for your troubles.


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Troubleshooting Your Galaxy S9 Or S9+

This type of problem is quite technical so it might be wise to seek professional assistance from smartphone repairers. You might see the fix you want here, but in case the situation gets really bad, take it to those that repair for a living.

Below are the ways to rectify the randomly shutting down problem:

Check Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Or S9+ Battery

Like I said earlier, it could be a battery malfunction. What you have to do is to confirm if the problem continues even when the Galaxy S9 or S9+ is connected directly to a power source. If the problem continued then the issue might not be your battery. If the problem stopped, then your battery is the culprit. It might be faulty or may have lost its capacity to turn on the device.

To confirm if the battery is only drained, attempt to connect the charger to a stable power source for some minutes, then restart your Galaxy device. When you charge and discover that the issue is gone, replace your battery.

Simply buy one online or do it physically. But do not forget, even when you purchase one online, opening up your Galaxy phone will still require the help of a technician.

Test 3rd Party Applications

Most times, a faulty application can be the problem. “But how exactly can I test if a 3rd party app is faulty” you might ask, the answer is simple, it is by activating the Safe Mode.

Safe Mode will allow you to remove the faulty application to know if it is behind the freezing and shutting off randomly.

How Can I Get Into Safe Mode?

To enter Safe Mode, simply press and hold the Power button for some seconds. After that, release the Power button when “Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+” is visible on the display, and click the Volume Down button. When that is done, hold on till the device reboots before releasing the Volume Down button as soon as “Safe Mode” can be seen on the display.


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Delete Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Or S9+ System Cache

If getting rid of the system cache is your option to rectify the issue, simply ensure the device is rebooted into Recovery Mode first. Be aware that this process is secure and no data will be deleted.

Adhere to the instructions below to get this done:

  1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.
  2. Press and hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons, all at the same time.
  3.  Immediately Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is visible on your display, release only the Power button.
  4. When the Android logo can be seen, release the remaining 2 buttons.
  5. Hold on for 60 seconds till you begin to navigate within Recovery Mode.
  6. Choose and highlight “Wipe Cache” with the Volume keys.
  7. Then select it with the Power button.
  8.  Simply use the same button to highlight an option then choose “Yes” on the next display option.
  9.  Hold on till the wipe cache partition process is done.
  10.  After that, make use of both buttons once more to choose “Reboot System Now.”
  11. Hold on till the rebooting process is done. It might take a while.


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