How To Fix Galaxy A30 “Facebook Keeps Crashing” Issue


In the light of modern discovery, Android Facebook apps suffer hiccups often, so in this article we will show you possible ways to fix the Galaxy A30 Facebook keeps crashing issue, this is the end of the road for an assistance in this issue, what I am trying to imply is that in this article we will centralize on how you as an individual reading this post can fix your Galaxy A30 Facebook keep crashing issue yourself without necessarily relying on another person to help you do that. So don’t just glance at his post, read in-between the lines, and see how you can resolve these threatening issues.

How To Fix Galaxy A30 Facebook Keeps Crashing Issues

To do this, kindly follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Force Quit Facebook

The very first thing to do when dealing with an app issue is to force close it. You know why? It is because Temporary glitches may develop over time, especially when the system is left running for a long time, and we discover that such bugs will go away when an app is refreshed. Follow these steps to restart your phone in order to check if the problem is temporary:

  • Click on the Recent Apps soft key (the one with three vertical lines on the left of the Home button) on your screen
  • Immediately the Recent Apps screen is shown, swipe left or right to look for the Instagram app. If you managed to run it previously, it should be at your reach, Then, swipe up on the app to close it. If you didn’t see it, simply click on Close All App to also restart all apps.

If you wish to force close an app using another method, try this:

  1. Open the Setting App
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Click on the More Settings Icon (three-dot icon, upper right).
  4. Click on Show System Apps
  5. Look for the Facebook app and click on it
  6. Click on Force Stop.

Update Facebook App

We also discovered that many Facebook bugs usually go away through updating. If you haven’t tried it, why not try it, make sure you update your Facebook. Recently, New Facebook versions set the app to download and install updates automatically. If peradventure you changed this from the Facebook settings menu, simply update it from Google Play Store app. Or precisely open Facebook’s Settings menu, if this is possible under the current circumstances, and update it from there.

Galaxy A30 “Facebook keeps crashing” Issue will stop completely if you adhere to the instructions and guideline given above.


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