How To Get A QuickCheck Loan In Nigeria

QuickCheck is a well-known loan platform in Nigerian that offers loan without any form of collateral from citizens. If you are not aware, QuickCheck loan can be accessed via the mobile application which can be downloaded by users, installed, before application for loan is possible.

For those who doubt their credibility, QuickCheck loan app is used by more than 100, 000 people with several positive reviews. The great news is that getting a loan is a simple process and can be applied for 24/7. The platform is safe too, as it is PCIDSS complaint.

QuickCheck have always vowed to give out instant loan to Nigerians, and with the many positive reviews from those who have tried this, they have been keeping to this promise. In fact, in the Play Store, the app averages 4.4 stars out of 5 stars from more than 44 000 users. If that is not convincing enough, I don’t know what is. See How To Get A QuickCheck Loan In Nigeria:

Get QuickCheck Loan Nigeria
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QuickCheck Loan Requirement You Must Know About:

  1. Bank account details.
  2. Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  3. Good credit score.
  4. ATM card.
  5. Personal information (like your name, address and so on.)
  6. Employment details (self-employed Nigerians can apply.)
  7. You must be an adult
  8. A smartphone with data.

How Can I Get A QuickCheck Loan In Nigeria?

1. Download The App:

The first thing to do is to download the application. It can be accessed in the Play Store, meaning it can only be used on Android smartphones.

2. Sign Up:

As soon as the application is downloaded, tap it to open it. After that, adhere to the screen instructions to register. Simply provide the required details and activate the location settings on your device.

3. Apply For Loan:

As soon as you register and complete your profile, it is possible to apply for loan. It is very straightforward, and the option to apply for loan will be seen in the app.

4. Hold On For Loan Decision:

Immediately you apply, hold on and wait for the loan decision from QuickCheck. This will not take long, but there are a few things that must be taken into consideration before a decision is reached, including your credit score.

5. Receive Loan:

If your application is successful, congratulations, you will receive your loan. Just make sure you pay back before the expiration of the due date.

How Can I Repay My QuickCheck Loan?

There are several options to pay back your loan, one of which is your ATM card (Debit card). When signing up, you must’ve registered your card, simply fund the account that your card is connected to, launch the application and tap on loan payment.

It is also possible to pay back with your bank’s USSD code. If you do not fancy that, you can pay back through Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit.

Get QuickCheck Loan Nigeria
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QuickCheck Customer Care Details:

Even if QuickCheck does not offer phone support right now, you can reach them via mail, [email protected].

You are done.

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