How To Know Who Saw Your Instagram Story First?

Instagram’s algorithm works in very special ways. Several people have attempted to reveal its various secrets, but they fail each time they try. Even if there are some theories here and there, it is pretty difficult to know for sure how some features work.

Stories are the best instance. Tell yourself the truth, you always find yourself checking whenever you share a story to view who and how many people have viewed it before its expiry time. The main reason for sharing a story is for others to view it, and specifically, you can have that special person that you really want to see your story.

Therefore, how can you know the first person to check your Story out? Lets highlight how this is possible.

Is It Possible To See Who Saw My Story First?

It is and it is not.

Everything depends on how quick you are. There a few factors that Instagram considers to order your Story seers. Provided that there are less than fifty people on the list, your answer lies in the reverse. Therefore, if you swipe down, the final person on the list would be the individual who checked out your story first.

This is not complicated and it is quite clear how it works. But how about when you have more than fifty viewers? your guess is right, this is where things get less straight-forward.


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How Instagram Ranks Or Order Your Story Viewers?

There is no direct reply to this. Instagram is yet to disclose the secret of their algorithm, and even Twitter staffs do not know this as well.

But, there are ways to be hinted about what the answer could be. And this theory might leave some stunned.

The vital factor that determines how those in your list are ranked is simply interaction. That is, your interaction with their accounts. Instagram is aware of your every click. This is how Instagram knows the things and the people that you are concerned about. Valid sources even confirmed this influences the way your story viewers are ranked.

How about those that do not engage in dropping likes or comments on their profile? The simple truth is you do not even need to do that. Anytime you visit their profile, it is seen as an interaction.


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How To Ensure Someone Checks Your Story Out?

If you eagerly want someone to check your story out, it is possible to make that happen. It might sound strange, but some users have confessed that it did the trick for them. This is how you can go about it:

  1. Head to your Story and click the three-dot More icon.
  2. Head to “Story Settings” and then “Hide Story From” and choose the individual you intend to hide it from.
  3. Head back to your story and unhide the Story from that individual.

By so doing, you will be the first in the Story bar at the top of the home feed.

No matter how many people you decide to do this for, you will be seen first on their home screen.

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