How To Live Stream On Facebook

Facebook Live is a brilliant way to live stream, as it gives users a fast way to broadcast whatever is happening at that moment, raw and uncut. It is so amazing for live streaming to your buddies, groups, fans and so on.

The platform exists to let you go live on Facebook whenever you want, and you will be able to do interesting things like start a live video with a pal streaming, raise cash, try a filter and even stream for the fun of it.

If you are not aware, streaming live can happen from your Android iOS mobile device, and at last, desktop, the latest feature that was added recently. You will also have access to specific tools available to help you get the most out of your clips. See How To Live Stream On Facebook:

How To Live Stream On Facebook?

Live Stream On Facebook
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Before anything else, note that starting a Facebook Live stream can all happen very quickly, therefore be ready to be live streaming fast, within seconds of clicking the right buttons. And you will not have the time to get ready or think about anything, it’s basically impromptu.

Live Stream On Facebook
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Also, you can only be on Facebook Live on your mobile phone for 4 hours max. This might appear like a very long time if you want a brief stream, however, if it is an event you are working on, that will be just fine for you.

Also, you must use the right camera for the best results. The truth is that your smartphone’s rear camera is much better than the selfie camera. If you will be talking to the camera all through a live stream, you will most likely wish to see how you look, view reactions and comments, therefore, a selfie camera will make more sense when you are speaking to people.

Live Stream On Facebook
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How Can I Live Stream On Facebook?

  1. Launch the Facebook application to head to
  2. On your home screen, Under “What’s on your mind,” click the Live Video option (with a red camera icon.)
  3. Review settings, and click “Start Live Video” to begin live streaming.
  4. To stop, press “Finish” to stop streaming, after which the recording can be shared on your timeline or deleted.

Other Factors To Consider:

  1. Choose which camera you will use for the live stream. Switch between the selfie camera and rear shooter with the switch camera icon.
  2. Add a live stream title and location if you want to. You can even use an emoji too while adding an effect or filter for your face.
  3. You can invite your Facebook friends to join the live stream by clicking “Bring a Friend.” The friends chosen will be notified immediately you go live.
  4. You can also limit who precisely can see your live stream by tapping the “To:” section in the upper-left.

That is that.

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