How To Post Panorama Photos On Instagram

When Instagram was still new on our mobile devices, all pictures uploaded were shaped like a perfect square. This was fine for selfies and photos of your children, however, for the amazing panorama pictures that stand out, Instagram kept struggling.

However, nowadays, users can now upload all kinds of pictures to Instagram even if not all of them will appear nice. For tips posting panorama shots to Instagram on your iOS or Android phone, see How To Post Panorama Photos On Instagram:

How Can I Post Panorama Shots On Instagram?

The process is not complicated in any way. We break it down below:

  • Launch Instagram on your iOS or Android phone and click the plus icon way down on the screen to upload a picture.
  • As soon as you access the photo gallery, choose the panorama shot you wish to use.
  • Touch the picture review way up with 2 fingers, then squeeze them together to zoom out. Zoom out until you get as much of the panorama as you can.
Post Panorama Photos Instagram
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  • Include filters and post it as you normally would.

The outcome here is a rectangular photo with big blank spaces on the top and bottom. This will enhance your picture, but for complete-sized panoramas, you will not still fit in the entire picture.

For the complete effect, a program like Photoshop is required for cutting the panorama into smaller, square photos. If you own an iPhone, there is an application that will make it happen automatically and it goes by the name, “Unsquared for Instagram.” To use, simply:

Get the Unsquared application downloaded on the Apple App Store and grant it permissions to access your pictures. After that, adhere to these instructions to cut up your pictures:

  • Launch the Unsquared application and click the photo of a stack of photos at the bottom right.
  • Click the image from your library that you wish to use, then click the blue checkmark.
  • However, your photo will be seen with the Unsquared watermark on it. Click the blue icon that resembles a series of squares way down on the screen, and choose how many pictures you would like the panorama shot to be split into. As soon as you select an option, the watermark will disappear. Be aware that the more pieces you cut it into, the more of the top and bottom of the photo will be cut off. In general, if you wish to add every part of the picture, choose “3 Pieces.”
Post Panorama Photos Instagram
Photo credit- Business Insider
  • As soon as you are satisfied, click “Done.” The split-up photos will not be stored on your device, and they can be posted on Instagram whenever you want.
Post Panorama Photos Instagram
Photo credit- Business Insider

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That is that.

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