How To React If Your WAEC Result Is Withheld In 2024/2024

It is never a thing of joy when a student’s WASSCE result is withheld by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and we definitely do not envy anyone in these shoes right about now.

Being in such a situation is very worrisome and it will only keep making such student fear for the worst. Not to worry though, because there are things you must know that will put your mind at rest. See How To React If Your WAEC Result Is Withheld In 2020/2021:

How Can I React If My WAEC Result Is Withheld In 2020/2021?

Expectations were super high among candidates of the 2020 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) as the examination body announced the release of results, however, over 200, 000 of them saw no result.

What Exactly Does A Withheld WAEC Result Mean?

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Simply put, you cannot say for sure if you passed or failed your WAEC examination if your result is withheld. You will basically stay in dark and your fate will remain unknown.

No one wants to be at such crossroad as it prevents students from being able to proceed with anything. It simply halts any progress that leads to getting into the higher institution of your choice, and no one wants that.

Why Did WAEC Withhold My Result?

If your WAEC result is withheld, it could be that your exam centre earned a bad report from the supervisor during the exam period. This is not to say that you cheated, but certain factors that go against stipulated exam guidelines and was triggered by either students or teachers can make a supervisor write a bad report about your exam centre, which will most likely lead to lots of withheld results from that centre.

And as you already know, a rampant factor that ultimately leads to bad reports for exam centres is examination malpractice. It is very clear that cheating is in no way condoned by WAEC, therefore erring candidates always end up learning the hard way.

When Will WAEC Withheld Results Be Released?

It all depends on the seriousness of the allegation filed against you or your centre. If it is a case of exam malpractice, WAEC will simply investigate till a decision that will favour you or not will be reached.

The Head of WAEC Nigeria, Patrick Areghan, recently had this to say on withheld results, “Recent malpractice cases are being investigated and reports of the investigations will be presented to the appropriate Committee of the Council for determination in due course.”

After the presentation, the Committee’s decisions will then be communicated to the affected candidates via their various centres (schools).

What Can I Do If My WAEC Result Is Withheld?

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Not much, just keep in touch:

  • With your school (centre).
  • With colleagues who are in the same situation as you.
  • Do not stop checking your result online.

That is that.

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