How to stop video calls by adding interference

Are you tired of constantly participating in video calls, whether for work because you have thousands of meetings with colleagues or suppliers or personal reasons with family and friends?

We present a tool that will allow you to escape from the video call easily by adding interference, simulating glitches, and other effects that will make connection impossible, or at least give you an excuse to escape.

How to escape from a video call by simulating technical problems

The tool itself is called Zoom Escaper, but it works for both Zoom and any other video calling app you are using.

It is free, and its use is very simple, as all you have to do is log in to its website, even if it only works using the Google Chrome browser.

If you are using another web browser, you will need to switch to Google Chrome. Once you have entered the website, all that remains is to enable the microphone by clicking on the button that appears on the screen and download a small program called “VB-Cable” by clicking on the link that appears on the page. The page also explains how to configure the program for correct use.

Once downloaded and configured, you have to click on “Start,” and you can start trying all the sounds available to stop your video calls- interference, wind noise, a baby crying, dogs barking.

You can use all of these sounds to stop any video call, or you can even upload any other mp3 to the website to use whenever you want (for example, try recording another person calling you or asking for help).

Now, if you want to use a sound, all you have to do is open the video calling app you are using, for example, Zoom, and in the microphone configuration options, change the default option to «VB Cable.» This will allow the video calling program to collect audio from this application.

Now, if you want to stop the video call, go back to the Zoom Escaper website and click on the sound you want to play.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to hear it, but the people who share the video call with you will, and so you can escape using an appropriate excuse.

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