How To Track Your AirTags In Apple’s Find My App

Track AirTags Find My App
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Apple’s AirTag is an easy tool that can help you locate things you often misplace, including your keys, wallet and other vital belongings. AirTags are simply little locators that make use of Bluetooth to signal nearby devices in Apple’s Find My network. Be aware that you cannot monitor your AirTags in Find My over the iCloud site, therefore an iOS device is always needed.

To use, you only have to attach an AirTag to any of your important personal belonging and it will instantly become simpler to find if you misplace it. If you’re not aware, AirTags can be used in conjunction with the Find My app for your iPhone or iPad, in fact, your AirTag items can be found on the Find My map, alongside your other connected devices. See How To Track Your AirTags In Apple’s Find My App:

How Can I Track AirTags In Find My On My iPhone Or iPad?

Before anything, ensure you’ve set up the AirTag and linked it to your Apple ID account via the Find My application. If you are yet to do the linking it will not broadcast any signal.

Track AirTags Find My App
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  • Launch the Find My application on your iPhone or iPad. It appears like a radar screen, with green circles and a blue beam.
  • In Find My, your AirTag might be visible. If not, click “Devices” way down on the screen.
Track AirTags Find My App
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  • Click on the AirTag you wish to find, then click “Find,” which comes in the form of a white arrow in a green circle.
  • Instructions will be visible on the display and it’ll break down how you can locate your AirTagged item. Adhere to the guidelines.
  • As soon as you get close enough, and your AirTag and device can connect via Bluetooth, if you own an iPhone 11 or newer, Precision Finding will power on and tell you precisely how far you are from the item. Be aware that if you own an iPad or an older iPhone without Ultra Wideband, Precision Finding cannot be used. However, “Directions” can help to get a map to it.
  • As soon as you locate your item. your display will turn green. Click “X” closer to the tracker.
  • If you still cannot locate the AirTag, but you are within Bluetooth range, click the sound button. This will play a sound from your AirTag to aid you to locate it physically.

How To Get Directions To Your AirTag?

If your iOS device does not have Ultra Wideband or the AirTag is outside the Bluetooth range of your iPhone, it is still possible to use the Get Directions option. Just:

  • Click “Find My.”
  • Click “Items.”
  • Click on the AirTag you are searching for.
  • Immediately you click on it, you will be shown the option for “Directions.”
  • The AirTag will then be visible.

The AirTag will show up in “Maps”, giving you directions. Tap “Go To” in Maps to get driving or walking directions to your AirTag.

That is that.


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