Steps On How To Turn Off Camera & Screenshot Sound On iPhone

Many iPhone users detest camera and screenshot sound; it doesn’t really add anything valuable, it contributes to a noisy environment.  Why will you attract attention or disturb others simply because you want to take an ordinary picture? So because of its noise, many people have decided to find a way to turn off the camera and screenshot sound on their iPhone. Do you know how to turn off this sound? This article will help you immensely on steps you can take to end the noise that camera and screenshot generate when next you want to take a picture.

Steps To Turn Off Camera And Screenshot Sound On iPhone

In this article, we will deliberate on three(3) ways you can undergo to turn off camera and screenshots sound on the iPhone. They are:

  • Flip the silent switch
  • Manually lower the volume
  • Turn on live photos.

Flip The Silent Switch: Every iPhone has this switch positioned at the top left-hand side of the phone, and this is the easiest way to turn off sound on iPhone  X, 8,7, 6, XE or any other model.

We observe that if the switch is closer to your screen, the device will play so very well. You usually see orange underneath it whenever it is in silent position.  While in silent mode, it prevents the cameras sound from playing.

Manual Lower The Volume: Although you can use the volume button at the side of your phone to adjust the volume, if you try adjusting it while using the camera, it will take a picture at once.

Thus, before you open the camera’s app, the first thing you will do is to press and hold the Volume down button until it shows mute.  You can also swipe up from the button of the screen to access the control center and lower the volume.

Turn on live photos:  On iPhone, like iPhone 6, you can capture live photos, doing this takes a few seconds of video and sound before and after the video was taken. If you switch on the live photo, your iPhone won’t play the cameras sound.

To toggle life photo in the camera app, the only thing you have to do is to tap the icon at the center top of the screen until it turns yellow.  At that point, you have activated live photos and won’t hear any noise again.


With the help of this article, we have been able to know that one easiest means to turn off camera and screenshot sound on iPhone is to flip the mute switch to the Silent position until an orange indicator shows.

Note– If you reside in countries like Japan, Korea, all the phones sold at these places has a hard-coded camera sound that you can not be able to switch off. The reason is to prevent people from taken inappropriate pictures of others without their concept or without them knowing. Furthermore, the only way to disable those sounds is through jailbreak method, but we will not elucidate on that in this article.

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