How To Transfer Money With Your Ecobank Account Via WhatsApp, SMS Or Email

Transfer Money Ecobank Account WhatsApp
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Ecobank is a pan-African banking conglomerate with banking operations in 36 African nations. It is the top independent regional banking group in West Africa and Central Africa, and it serves both wholesale and retail customers.

The bank maintains subsidiaries in Eastern and Southern Africa, and it has representative offices in Angola, China, Dubai, France, South Africa, and the UK. With over 1,500 branches in 35 countries, this financial institution is definitely the largest banking network in all of Africa.

If you are not aware, Ecobank Nigeria has launched a feature that lets its customers transfer funds via email, SMS, and Whatsapp, which are fresh features available on the bank’s mobile application. With this feature, Ecobank customers can now transfer money without the beneficiary’s account number or even through WhatsApp or SMS. See How To Transfer Money With Your Ecobank Account Via WhatsApp, SMS, Or Email:

Transfer Money Ecobank Account WhatsApp
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How Can I Transfer Money With My Ecobank Account Via WhatsApp, SMS, Or Email?

The initiative is part of the bank’s innovation in digital banking, and it is meant to aid customers in performing their transactions comfortably. The bank recently had this to say on the new development, “This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time when many people are self-isolating and keeping social distance due to the COVID-19. We have the responsibility as a bank to continue to innovate for the benefits of our teeming customers.”

“We encourage our customers and others to utilize this new addition to our digital self-service solutions. With this feature, a customer can transfer up to N50,000 without the beneficiary’s account number. The transfer can be initiated without the beneficiary providing an account number or deciding which account to receive the funds. For us as a bank, this is super convenient for money transfer.”

To make it happen, just:

  1. Access the web link sent to your sender’s mobile number as an SMS or WhatsApp message.
  2. Tap on the link to choose Bank and enter the account number. After that, submit the request, and the sender’s account will be immediately debited.
  3. The beneficiary account, irrespective of the bank in question, will be credited immediately.

The process is safe, comfortable plus funds are in local currency and will not leave the sender’s account until the beneficiary initiates the redemption into the destination account. All the features are available on the newly designed mobile application.

Transfer Money Ecobank Account WhatsApp
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