13 Alternative transfer app to Transferwise in 2024

Check out the best TransferWise (Wise) money transfer app alternatives in 2022. The need for people to transfer money from one place to another is not new. All the companies listed are aware of what people need and they are making sure that people engage in money transfers through the use of an app. these apps make the transfer of money quicker, easier, and more convenient.

Check out 13 of these companies below.

1. ecoPayz

Android | iOS


This is an online money transfer platform that has an e-wallet. This platform lets users send money instantly and is also free.

Features of ecoPayz

  • You need to first transfer money to the wallet on ecoPayz
  • Get more benefits as you move up the tiers
  • You will be charged when you remove money from the wallet

You and your money recipient have to be signed in to the platform to be able to send and receive money. The process of transfers is usually very fast but a 1.50 percent transfer fee will definitely be deducted starting at the silver level. Once you move up on the tier level, the deductions will reduce. Those who are not constantly using their money on the platform, are required to move the money to their bank accounts and that can take up to three days.

2. Skrill

Android | iOS


Skrill is another digital wallet situated in London but usable for many people around the globe. The platform is made to help both individuals and businesses with e-commerce money transfers. Those involved in crypto, gaming, and betting online can also find it a good resource for transferring funds.

Features of Skrill

  • There are separate fees for conversion, transferring, and processing. These can reduce the amount of money you have left in your account.
  • You can transfer funds directly to your bank account from Skrill
  • Secure fund your Skrill account without sharing personal details

Perhaps, one of the best part parts of this transfer platform is the security it offers to users. It matches up to PayPal in security when users transfer funds into it. Users can sign up free and transfer money into their bank accounts without paying a dime. You get to pay before you transfer money into your Skrill wallet. It is not the fastest or cheapest money transfer service online yet but it is secure.

3. TransferGo

Android | iOS


This money transfer company enables users to own a local account in which funds can be held. To make speedy transfers, users can make use of their local accounts to pay out in the recipients’ country.

Features of TransferGo

  • The service is limited to UK and Eurozone residents for now
  • It is convenient and low cost, especially when users send money to India
  • There could be hidden costs when you use this service
  • There is no maximum limit for you when engaged in transactions

In most scenarios, you see users send money from their account to a local Indian bank account. It is fast and easy to do so but the sender also has the leeway to choose the delivery time as he or she sends the funds. People love it because their recipients don’t need to have a TransferGo account to receive funds in India.

4. Transfast



Transfast is an online and mobile money transfer platform especially operating in the USA, Canada, and India. How it works is that USA and Canadian residents often send money to India through this means. The best part of this is that they can do so with the ability to choose when it will be delivered, however, with low transfer limits. This service is also a worldwide money transfer service.

Features of Transfast

  • Deposit money into a bank account for cash pickup
  • This service offers two exchange rate and speed options for sending money. What the user gets is value
  • There are sending limits of $2,950 per transaction, and $10,000 within 30 days

You may be able to get your money to India within a day but there are higher exchange rates for that. The Value+ option will take three to five business days to reach its destination but there will not be a transfer fee for that. Transfer fee is also waived for $10,000 or more transactions but the user will not be able to send any other money for the rest of that month.

5. Azimo

Android | iOS


Azimo is also an online-only Eurozone money transfer service. Users can also have attractive offers for sending money to India.

Features of Azimo

  • This service is for residents of the Eurozone, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland
  • Over 200,000 pickup points globally
  • Possible 1 hour delivery time to India
  • Convenient for cash pickup transfers

This service allows the sender to send money straight into the recipient’s bank account for cash pickup. Those receiving don’t have to pay anything at all, and they don’t need to sign up for the service before they receive their cash. The service could do better with more transparency and clear pricing for users.

6. Xoom

Android | iOS


Xoom is owned by PayPal and it offers users the opportunity for international payments to India from the UK, other places in Europe, and the USA. One thing here is that paying by debit/credit card can be costly.

Features of Xoom

  • If you send up to $1,000, there will be no transfer fee
  • The service is available for direct bank account deposit in India
  • Pay with your bank account to waive transfer fees

This service is safe and fast when it is done into a bank account. Avoid paying with the use of a card because it is costly. Look for options that are better when you are making transactions lesser than $1,000. Also, look for transparency when making transfers so you don’t pay costs that you may not like.

7. OFX

Android | iOS


OFX is best for moving up to $10,000 Australian dollars around the globe. The sender is able to send money directly to the recipient’s bank account.

Features of OFX

  • If transactions are below $10,000 AUD users set their own exchange rate
  • Most transactions are completed within 24 hours
  • The service is available in Hong Kong, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK.

There’s a minimum amount transfer of $250 AUD. So, for those who may like to send smaller amounts, they may have to look for alternative means. Also, for those who are looking to send more than $10,000 AUD, this platform waives or removes the transfer fee. If you send large amounts of money, this is your best option.

8. Ria Money Transfers

Android | iOS


Ria has been in the business of transferring money for a long time. The company is one of the most reputable when it comes to having multiple locations worldwide. It is noted that the company has some 377,000 locations worldwide where people can pick up cash. The company has an upper hand for cash pickups in India especially.

Features of Ria

  • Send money online to be picked up at an agent’s location
  • Deposit directly into your recipient’s bank account
  • Observe various transfer limits before you start
  • This service is for USA, UK, Spain, and Australia

The good aspect of the service is that the receiver doesn’t need a Ria account to get the cash sent to him or her. The sender can sign up for free and begin to send money to loved ones in several places. In some cases, this company will not take a transfer fee but it will take a cut when it comes to exchanging rates.

9. WorldRemit

Android | iOS


WorldRemit is another fast and secure means of transferring money across the globe. Users can send money to recipients in India using apps on Apple Store or on Google Play Store.

Features of WorldRemit

  • Receive money in India from more than 50 countries
  • Receive money through bank transfers or mobile top-up
  • Most transfers will arrive in less than 10 minutes

Both Indian individuals and businesses find it convenient to receive money through this means. People in other countries can also add to the mobile credit of prepaid phone users in India. The sender will pay the transfer fees, and other charges that apply. Another charge that applies is the exchange rates. It is better if you track things to see if the service is not fleecing you through its exchange rates. As the service name implies, this is a worldwide money transfer service.

10. MoneyGram

Android | iOS

Track Moneygram Transactions Online
Moneygram Tracking7

MoneyGram is a more popular money transfer service than all the platforms we have entered above, and it is a good alternative for Wise. The company is well known for its quick service, and its ability to make transactions secure worldwide. As in other cases, avoid paying transfers with debit or credit cards because it is costly. Even then, you want to watch out for what costs you are ramping up when you do transfers with other means apart from using cards.

Features of MoneyGram

  • Enjoy the service the second-largest money transfer service in the world
  • Two ways to pick up cash – at the bank or at agent location
  • Examine the transfer fees. They differ depending on what payment method or how much you’re sending

Users enjoy this service for its online and offline money transfer service, which means even people without the internet are able to enjoy this service. The service is quicker than the services of other transfer services. Money sent can be received in three hours to three days, depending on how quick the sender makes it, often, bank transfers will be quick enough. Check out the differences in transfer fees before you send the money as there are advantageous means to send money through this service.

11. Remitly

Android | iOS


Remitly is reputable for offering fast, easy and low-cost transfers directly into Indian bank accounts.

Features of Remitly

  • Users can send money from about 16 countries
  • New users enjoy attractive exchange rates for the first few transactions
  • Users enjoy two ways to send money – Remitly Economy and Remitly Express

The problem with this service is that it doesn’t operate offline. However, it has a large nationwide coverage in India. Send money above $1,000 and there are no transfer fees attached. For many users, this is the best method for transferring money abroad. People from the USA find this service to be really beneficial because they enjoy great transfer rates and low transaction rates.

12. InstaReM

Android | iOS


InstaReM has modernized the money transfer service so that users can enjoy real market exchange rates when going through transfer operations on the platform. The platform charges a percentage of your transfer amount as the fee you need to pay rather than charging a flat fee.

Features of InstaReM

  • Users can send money from multiple countries
  • Users enjoy zero-margin exchange rates
  • Use Electronic Funds Transfer or bank account to transfer money on this platform

This platform is good like Wise because all their transfers include transparent pricing. Before you make a transfer, you already know how much you are paying to get the transfer done. Most of the transfers done on this platform will be delivered within one and two days. Users from Australia, the USA, Malaysia, the UK, India, and other areas can use this platform.

13. Western Union

Android | iOS

Western Union
Western Union

Western Union is the largest money transfer service worldwide. You can send money from more than 200 countries and territories. This is the oldest money transfer company in the world and it has been in business for over 145 years. The company makes $80 billion transfers every year.

Features of Western Union

  • Send money online and offline. Send it through phone calls
  • Receivers don’t pay any money
  • The service is super-fast
  • Send money without having a bank account
  • There are more than 500,000 agent locations worldwide

The service is the fastest at this moment, allowing receivers to pick up their money in minutes anywhere they are in the world. With this service, you are able to send money to friends and family no matter where they are on the earth.


I sure hope that you know where to look now if you are particular about Wise alternatives. This is not an exhaustive list but we are satisfied that you have what you need. If you’re in Africa the best services are Western Union and MoneyGram. These two are truly worldwide services. Others may serve regional areas of the globe.

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