How you can fix a Google Pixel 3 XL that won’t turn on


One of the most common issues with many users using Android is No Power issue. In this article, we give the steps on how you can fix your Google Pixel 3 XL device that has refused to turn on.

What are the causes of Google Pixel 3 XL won’t-turn-on issue?

Among many other problems, below are some of the reasons why your device may not power on:

  • hardware malfunction
  • damaged charging port
  • broken charging accessory
  • the battery may be fully empty
  • software glitch
  • screen issue
  • bad app

How you can fix your device that won’t turn on

Confirm that the charging accessories are fine and are working

One of the common reasons why a flagship device dies is the use of a third party charging accessories. Some of such accessories, particularly the low-priced ones, they may not give the right amount of power to the device during charging because they function in dissimilar parameters. It is for this cause that we always advocate that you stick with authorized accessories for charging. Your Google Pixel 3 XL phone was only tested to function with Google provided charging adapters and cables. Using a non-official adapter and cable may bring conflict with your device’s power supplies.

For the purpose of this troubleshooting, make sure you use the authorized charging adapter and cables only. If you can’t get the adapter and cable that came with the device, go buy one for yourself or even borrow from anyone you know who has it.

Also, ensure that the cable or adapter is connected correctly. If the adapter or cable is dirty, a solid link may not be correctly established while charging.

Check if the screen is damaged

Many users mistake a screen problem with a No Power problem. The final is diverse because it means that the structure is totally unresponsive. A screen problem, on the other hand, can mean there’s a problem with the screen assembly only but the device is working usually otherwise. If your device Google Pixel 3 XL still gives notification sounds, charges when there’s an incoming message, but the screen is still black all the time, this actually means that there must be a problem with your screen only. If you dropped the device or got it wet, there must be a hardware trouble that prevents the screen from working correctly. You can either send the phone to Google for replacement or repair or you troubleshoot the screen

Charge making use of a PC

Charging with an authorized charging adapter and cable may stop working because of a bug. If this occurs, try to see if the Pixel 3 XL will charge using a PC. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Switch on your computer.
  2. Then connect your device Pixel 3 XL to the computer making use of a known charging cable.
  3. Leave your device to charge for 30 minutes.
  4. Then disconnect and reconnect the cable from your device within 10 seconds.
  5. Try restarting your device by holding and pressing the Power button for some seconds. Then, click the Restart icon.

That’s all. This should fix the problem.


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