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How You Can Play 8-Ball Pool & Other Games In iMessage

The ability to have fun with some easy games in iMessage was introduced back in iOS 10. Several of these games are interactive and social, meaning you can play with your pals or use up excess time you have on your hands. This guide will assist in helping you to install games in iMessage, including 8-ball pool.

These games will not dazzle you with their twists or graphics but when has an interesting game ever needed that as a criteria? If you do not agree with me, Minecraft is one good example. A perfectly designed game can keep you addicted if it uses the newest graphics engine or if it looks 8-bit. The games you rock in iMessage are not quite 8-bit they provide an interesting experience.

Play Games In iMessage

To enjoy games in iMessage, you have to get them installed. There is another way to install iMessage-compatible games, and I’ll let you know how to make that happen. You can make use of the App Store to access games that are still quality even though the process is quite different from what you are used to.

To have a game loaded, head to the Apple iMessage App Store within iMessage.

  1. Open iMessage on your device and open a fresh conversation with the person you want to play this game with.
  2. Select the menu icon and then Store (the blue ‘A’ button). This leads you to the Apple iMessage App Store.
  3. Search through the games and download the one you fancy.
  4. Open the game and select Create Game.
  5. Take a turn and challenge your contact to play with you.

The ability to send a challenge is inside each iMessage. Open the game, take your turn and dish out your challenge. The destination account will receive a game-specific message with the challenge and the chance to take their turn and send back the challenge. You can even send a message to and fro from inside the game.

iMessage games come up with a temporary ecosystem where the game can be played and also where the messages can be sent to and fro in the game. They make use of iMessage but are also a bit different, being peculiar to the game. It is a fresh small system that sits conveniently inside the message app.

iMessage Games

There are lots of games available for iMessage. Some do not cost a thing while others do. As always, the App Store reveals that information to you before you download. The list of iMessage games includes Truth Truth Lie, Four in a Row for iMessage, Truthy- Truth or Dare, Polaroid Swing, Trivia Crack, GamePigeon (collection of games), Words with Friends, Genius- Song Lyrics +, MsgMe WordGuess and some others.

8-ball Pool

A pretty decent game added within the GamePigeon download. Installation of the GamePigeon suite is compulsory, but it provides lots of arcade-style games you can enjoy on your mobile device. It is turn-based like various iMessage games. You take a shot and send it while the other player returns the shot plus the truth. It is easy but very efficient. Plus you need skills to play.

Simon Says

iPhone users of a particular age will have beautiful memories of Simon Says. It was big in the 80s and 90s as a physical game, and this iMessage version ensures we relieve those old moments. It is turn based definitely and has an identical system of patterns you need to follow in order to pass the turn. It also displays your score to the second player and provides them their own pattern. It is easy and efficient.


As a writer, you have to love Wordie. Its a word game that displays pictures and blanks that you will be required to fill. Can be used to create games with someone else or lots of people plus it has 600 games built in and provides the ability for you to upload your own if you are calm enough to create them.

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