How You Can Unlock Activation Lock On iPhone

Want to find out how you can unlock the activation lock on an iPhone without the iCloud password?

There is an anti-robbery feature by Apple in iOS 7 named Find My iPhone. This feature connects your Apple ID to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch if it’s misplaced or stolen. Any device that has Find My iPhone activated on it cannot allow any of their Apple devices restored without the password you use for login to your Apple ID.

This Activation Lock from Apple is to aid you to monitor your iPhone and to help in the reduction of the amount of stolen iPhones that are up for sale on the black market. The downside of this service concern iPhone users that bought their iPhone or iPad from a 3rd party reseller who had Find My iPhone activated and have no idea what the old password is to disable the Activation lock, hence having a locked iPhone iCloud.

How You Can Disable iOS 7 Activation Lock

There is a bug in iOS 7 that will let anybody disable Find My iPhone and maneuver their way around the Activation Lock without the use of a password. There are videos on YouTube that let you in on ways to scale through the iPhone iCloud lock with detailed guides on how Find My iPhone can be disabled.

When you head to restart your iPhone, you’ll be told to head to iCloud settings and disable Find My iPhone off by typing in the right password. But if you are clueless about the password, select Delete Account and disable Find My iPhone simultaneously, and then turn your iPhone off. After you put your iPhone back on, the Activation Lock will be erased and now your iPhone is no longer locked to a particular Apple ID.

Contact Third Party Company

Another way to get rid of an Apple ID is by contacting the individual or third party company that you bought the iPhone from and telling them to visit their iCloud account and remove the iPhone from their Apple ID. Also, if these people cannot be reached, then the right YouTube video concerning this can solve the deactivation of Find My iPhone without the password problem rapidly and easily.

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