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How You Can Unlock The Activation Lock On iPhone Without A Password

Is there a way you can go about unlocking the activation lock on an iPhone without making use of the password for iCloud? Apple has an anti-theft option in iOS 7 named “Find My iPhone.” What it does is connects your Apple ID to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch if it gets missing or pilfered. These phones that possess the “Find My iPhone.” cannot have any of their Apple devices restored without the use of the login password to your Apple ID.

This Activation lock brought to you by Apple came to be to aid you to monitor your iPhone and assist in reducing the number of stolen iPhones that get sold for quick cash on the illegal market. Some downsides to this service are suffered by owners of iPhones who have bought their devices from a 3rd party reseller who had enabled “Find My iPhone.” and cannot provide the old password to disable the Activation lock, which results in getting iPhone iCloud locked.

How To Deactivate iOS 7 Activation Lock

iOS 7 has a bug in it that will aid anybody to deactivate “Find My iPhone.” and find a way to go round the Activation Lock without needing a password. There are videos on YouTube that put you through on how you can circumvent the iPhone iCloud lock with carefully-considered guidelines on how to disable Find My iPhone:

When you go to restart your iPhone, you’ll be asked to access iCloud settings and disable “Find My iPhone.” by typing in the valid password. But if you do not remember any password, you can choose to Delete Your Account and disable “Find My iPhone.” simultaneously and then turn your iPhone device off. As soon as the iPhone is turned on again, the Activation Lock should be erased and now your iPhone is not locked to a particular Apple ID.

Another way to render your Apple ID useless is by putting a call through to the individual or 3rd party company that you bought the iPhone from, requesting that they take down the iPhone from their Apple ID from their own iCloud account. If you no longer have contact with the original iPhone owners, there are videos online with details on how deactivating “Find My iPhone.” can be done with no available password.

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