How You Can Use Uber Without a Credit Card


Do you want to use Uber without a credit card? Or you plan to make use of another payment method? Tonight, lets touch on Uber and the payment methods you can make use of to get your ride.

Several bigger towns and cities are now filled with Uber cars and the company is still progressing rapidly. Whatever you think about their driving service, you will agree with me that Uber has enhanced the way of life of lots of passengers worldwide. Ton te street now is “With Uber, who needs a car?” Thats how wide their reach is currently.

Uber is developing slowly and increasing the number of ways payment can be made for their service from time to time. Payment started with cash and credit card now has more options. Paying with credit cards is even simpler these days.

You can make use of a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and so on by the time you read this.

Use Uber With A Debit Card

If you do not want to use Uber with a credit card, a debit card can be used instead. You can add it in precisely the same way you do a credit card, scan or enter manually.

  1. Launch the Uber app and select payment.
  2. Select Add Payment and choose a method.
  3. Scan your card or type in the correct details manually.

As far as there is enough money in your account, your debit card will do the job. Just ensure you do not forget to leave some money in your account if you do not want any overdraft.

Use Uber With Paypal

If you would rather keep your bank account separate from Uber, it is possible to use Paypal. This option is not active all over the world presently though, so if you cannot see the Paypal option, then it might not be supported at your location.

  1. Launch Uber and select payment.
  2. Select Add Payment and choose Paypal if available.
  3. Type in your email address to sign up.

You will definitely need the right balance in your PayPal account or you can connect it to a checking account or other source of credit to ensure it works the way it should

Use Uber With Google Play

Uber added the ability to settle payment for rides with Google Pay sometime back. If you an Android owner with a payment method connected to Google Pay, you can include it as a payment method for Uber.

  1. Launch Uber and select payment.
  2. Select Add Payment and choose Google Pay.
  3. Select Enable and adhere to the prompts to connect Uber to Google Pay.

Once more, as far as Google Pay can access the amount it needs, you can settle payment for your ride via this payment method whenever you feel like.

Use Uber With Apple Pay

It is not possible to add Uber as an alternative to credit card same way you do Google Pay but it is possible for you to book your rides straight, without needing the Uber app.

  1. Launch Apple Pay and select Uber.
  2. Chose your pick location.
  3. Choose Apple Pay as your payment method.
  4. Confirm with Touch ID.
  5. Ask for pickup.

It is sad it cannot be used exactly like the other payment methods but it has an edge of being able to settle payments and book as simply as it is done inside the Uber app.

Removing A Payment Method From Uber

Changing a payment method is not complicated. You can keep adding or changing but make sure it is done before asking for a ride. As soon as you ask for that ride and choose a payment method, you cannot alter it until that ride is done and paid for.

You must have at least one active payment method to be able to remove one.

To remove a payment method:

  1. Launch Tinder and select Payment.
  2. Select the payment method you plan to remove.
  3. Select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Select Delete and confirm.

This will cause Uber to default to any of the payment methods left henceforth.

Uber simplifies the use of alternative payment methods. As it aims to be a service that will be cash-free, the more options available for electronic payments makes it more likely for us to utilize the service.


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