Improve “Tech-Zen” of your Workspace with Orbitkey Desk Mat

Working from home has made an avalanche of opportunities available for the used-to-be office worker. Since many people are working at home and not in the office, there are new ways to approach tasks.

While the Orbitkey Desk Mat is not only meant for the home, it appears that many corporate workers are considering the product now than before. It is not exactly everyone’s favorite, and a mention of it to others may not elucidate a favorable response at first.

Overview of Orbitkey Desk Mat

It is a mat, but not the kind that’s made for the floor. It is not a praying mantis either. It is a nicely manufactured and well-designed vegan leather material mat produced to make you better organized and to optimize your workplace.

When you purchase one, you will be presented with a box that has the product itself and a magnetic cable holder.


The vegan leather has a premium feel to it. It is 100 percent recycled PET felt. It comes in medium (686 x 373 x 4.9 mm) and large (696 x 423 x 4.9 mm). It comes in black color.

Orbitkey Desk Mat 1
Orbitkey Desk Mat 1


The Orbitkey Desk Mat has the appearance of being high quality. Some people refer to it as environmentally conscience desk covering. It is meant to increase the “tech-Zen” of your workspace.

The PET felt refers to the high-quality polyurethane. It is water-resistant, resists stains, and when it is dirty, the owner won’t have to wash hard because it is easy to clean. All aspects, including the stitching and finish, are very well done. With all these said, it goes without saying that this mat protects your desk surface and dampens keyboard noise.

Magnetic Cable Holder

Orbitkey Desk Mat has engineered into it, the magnetic cable holder situated with the quick access toolbar. The cable holder is made from zinc alloy with a matte finish. The grip is so firm that the user can move it around with the mat. This cable helps to keep pens, bits, and cables in place. That makes them always within reach of the user. You can depend on this to create a handy document hideaway to store loose papers and notes.

Orbitkey Desk Mat 2
Orbitkey Desk Mat 2


  • Premium materials
  • Provides excellent mouse and writing experience
  • Quick access toolbar, magnetic cable holder
  • Document hideaway between layers
  • Water-resistant


  • Limited colors

Price of Orbitkey Desk Mat

The large mat could sell as high as $84.90, while the medium sells for $64.90. However, that is the official price from the stable of Orbitkey. The price can be different if you find it in other online stores.


If you make use of the Orbitkey Desk Mat, you are not likely going to regret it or feel like another product may be better. The superior quality, look and feel of it attracts more buyers. The easy cleanup is another plus. For those who quickly lose things like pens and other accessories, the desk mat is sweet relief.

While the desk mat may not appear to be a great product, something that one could just conjure up in the mind and single-handedly produce, the good quality of the Orbitkey Desk Mat makes it unique.

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