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Unboxing Photos of the Infinix S2 Pro

Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos

For those who aren’t aware, the Infinix S2 Pro is the latest addition to Infinix array of smartphone. Also, be reminded that the Infinix S2 Pro is an upgrade to the selfie-based Infinix Hot S.

We have neatly arranged the specifications and features of the S2 Pro in this article. We also did a comparison of the Infinix S2 pro and its predecessor, Infinix Hot S. See the differences and similarities HERE.

Now, the focus of today is to bring you unboxing photos of the Infinix S2 Pro. We thought it would be nice of you to have a feel of what the device looks like before it launches and before you finally get to lay your hands on a unit. Trust me, it’s a phone you want to have. A phone you should have.

Without further ado, here comes the Infinix S2 Pro.

Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos
Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos

The above image shows the front view of the pack that contains the new Infinix S2 Pro. See how compact and simple the pack is?

Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos

In the picture above this text, you would see the back view of the compact pack of the S2 Pro’s pack. It contains some key specifications of the device, bar code and the device’s IMEI numbers.

Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos
Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos
Voilà! The “wefie” beast unleashed. And this is what you would see when you finally unbox your unit of the Infinix S2 Pro – the Infinix S2 Pro, the user’s manual, the charging adapt, a single USB cable, earpiece, and the pin to open the SIM tray.

Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos

The Infinix S2 Pro itself. One noticeable thing about the device when turned to the front is the large 13MP “wefie” camera. And flanked to the left is the 8MP selfie camera. The 13MP lens has wide which takes pictures at an ultra-wide angle of 135°.Infinix S2 Pro Unboxing photos

At the rear, the 13MP camera, LED flash and fingerprint scanner can be seen. The Grey colour of the S2 Pro is pretty much beautiful I must say??

The Infinix S2 Pro is beautiful. The package​box is so compact, bright and simple. But as simple as the box looks, it houses a monster within. Y’all should wait till the device launches and released for retail and see what I’m talking about.

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