Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Water Proof Or Water-Resistant

iPhones have been waterproof for a long time, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not worry-free in every situation. It is super water-resistant to the point that, under regular circumstances and normal use, it could as well be waterproof. Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Water Proof Or Water Resistant:

Knowing What The iPhone 11 Pro Max IP Rating Is All About:

IP rating is not so hard to understand. All the letters and numbers mean a different type of damage that can be done to the device plus how well the specific model can resist the said damage. Therefore, for instance, the Pin IP is basically all about the level of liquid protection that the device has. From top to bottom, see what they stand for below:

I – Dust protection and other little particles like it.

P – Liquid protection.

6 – Impact resistance (Now rarely used).

8 – Protection against oil and high voltage surging through the device.

If we were to translate what it means for the iPhone 11 Pro, we can confirm that the device is very immune to water damage. It was manufactured to last in the rain and in other places, making it useful for those who wish to use their smartphone regardless of the weather. It comes with a decent level of dust protection as well and it is generally built to last.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Water Proof Water-Resistant
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Can I Use The iPhone 11 Pro Max In The Shower?

Making use of an iPhone 11 in the shower is not a suicide mission for your iOS device. However, even if the ambient moisture will not wreak havoc, direct exposure to the stream from the shower-head can cause harm to your device. Therefore, if you love using your device in the bathroom, let it remain on sink and do not respond to those consistent chat messages until you are out of the shower.

Can I Use The iPhone 11 Pro Max Underwater?

Do you plan to use the device in the pool? the same rules apply. If your device falls into the water, it might be faultless if the pool is not so deep. However, do not attempt underwater photos at all because even if you might get away with that without spoiling your device, is it really worth the risk? If you insist on taking underwater shots, just buy a waterproof phone case that will suit that purpose.

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