Jeff Bezos celebrates Black Friday – Amazon owner’s fortune exceeds historic mark

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You may be celebrating quite a few fascinating offerings you made on Black Friday, but, believe me, your happiness does not come close to what the richest man in the world is feeling right now.

Jeff Bezos managed to increase his fortune to more than $ 100 billion thanks to Friday promotions around the globe. Black Friday raised Amazon stock prices by more than 2 percent, contributing about $ 2.4 billion to its owner’s coffers.

The billionaire’s fortune is now valued at about $ 100.3 billion, with roughly one-third of that being accumulated in 2022 alone. And Bezos is the first to reach that figure since Bill Gates in 1999 ( the founder of Microsoft donated a good part of his fortune and does not reach that amount currently).

Online sales during Black Friday increased 18.4% over last year in the United States, according to data from Adobe Analytics. And there’s Cyber ​​Monday tomorrow, 27. Another day for Bezos to fill his coffers.

It is no wonder that Amazon is expanding its presence in other markets. If the owner of the company has a fortune that reaches the 12 digits currently, it is because things are going very well, thank you.

Recalling that the company recently launched the Fire TV Stick in some countries, in the most basic version, being a great competitor to Chromecast, and for a similar value of $ 289. However, it can only be purchased on Amazon itself.

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