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Konga.com Giving Up To 55% Off This Payday

That time of the moth we love most is here again; yes, its payday! We however know how very quickly our long awaited paycheck could disappear with the long list of things on that list needing your attention.

The big question now is How can you eat your cake and still have it? How can you meet all your needs, on your budget and still have enough to last till the next payday?

Well, you absolutely can with the Konga.com Payday deals! This payday, Konga is giving up to 55% off everything you could possibly have on that list. Whether it’s your personal and household essentials including Male and Female fashion pieces, phones, tablets, laptops and electronics or other needs you might have, we have got great deals for all budgets. From now till the end of August 2015, you can get great deals on all product categories in the payday deals. Click here to start shopping.

Remember that Konga.com offers nationwide delivery and free delivery on select items. Take advantage of the Payday deals to shop on Konga.com this month. Sign up to Konga.com newsletters to get daily updates on deals and discounts on Konga.com.

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