Microsoft releases final version of May 2024 Windows 10 for testing

Microsoft released the final version of the May 2019 update of Windows 10 yesterday! But calm… For now, it’s just for testing, to make sure everything is OK, before causing the general panic, as it was last October.

In the end, after the last difficulties, Microsoft is being much more careful now! It would not be easy for the company, another scandal as was all that happened last year, with bugs appearing every day.

By the way, in the last major update of Windows 10, there were users losing important data from their machines… For no apparent reason! This, not to mention those who lost the use of sound drivers, among other problems quite caricature.

So the final version of Windows 10 for May 2019 is build 18362.30!

This version is already available on Windows Update if it is registered as ‘Tester’. So, this should be the version to be released next month, for all users!

windows 10 update

This update will bring a new ‘Light’ theme as well as Kaomoji support, a sandbox functionality for Windows, and of course, the separation of Cortana and Windows search.

If you happen to be giving it to me, and you want to risk installing this Windows … Just go to settings -> Updates and Security -> Windows Insider, and enter the test program.

The update will appear immediately on Windows Update!

As of May, we will no longer be required to upgrade Windows 10

Windows 10 is a real nightmare when we talk about the system of updates … After all, how many times, have not you seen several memes on the Internet yet, enjoying the sudden appearance of an update?

windows 10 update meme

In fact, I remember perfectly, having to present a job in college, and be presented with a Windows update! The timing of Windows 10 updates is always accurate!

Well, after ruining the lives of several users, it seems that Microsoft has decided to abandon this strategy.

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