Microsoft Surface Microsoft’s screen will not be available this year

Information about a Microsoft smartphone or tablet with a foldable display, when needed, has been a major concern for the tech community and is expected to launch in 2108. However, this idea has been pushed back and we still can not see this product coming out this year, because the small components for this Surface Phone are being completely reworked.

According to sources, Microsoft is unhappy with the quality of its components and how they are organized. It will not be a re-run from the drawings, but it looks like the company is stepping back a few steps to get a better job.

The good news is that the project is still being actively promoted, with no signs of death (or at least not yet dead). This is significant enough for thousands of people to sign a petition asking Microsoft to finalize the Surface.

Microsoft Surface
Surface Phone with Microsoft’s folding screen

According to the information so far, it looks like the Surface will own the components of a smartphone and the size is equivalent and doubled by the design folds the screen. However, this phone may not appear as the Surface Phone as the previous rumors. Microsoft is referring to this device as a “pocket device” and uses its own hardware.

The device will run the Andromeda operating system, a revision with the Windows 10 module – as the bits of the software can be added/subtracted depending on what hardware is active. However, this information is still a guess and still needs to be verified by 2019.

With what has happened to the status of smartphones that have been called Microsoft, this is understandable and indispensable when it will definitely have an impressive smartphone before the tech community. We still need to wait, at least next year, for further information on this upcoming Microsoft smartphone project.

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