Top 10 Mobile Phone Studio Applications For Music Producers in 2024

Music production has never been this easy and accessible to the public. Not only are more people knowledgeable of mobile studio applications, but more and more people are also taking part in the production of music with a studio in their pockets.

We have put together the most famous of a large number of mobile music studios out there for you. Are you enthusiastic about music production but can’t afford to use the expensive equipment most professional producers and DJs use? Then is article is perfect for you, and be sure to check them out.

#1 FL Studio Mobile

Fl Studio
Fl Studio

Sound production is becoming more and more accessible to the large populace. Recording music in the past was reserved for the professionals in music studios, but with today’s technology, anyone can play music with a few taps on the screen.

Fl studio Mobile, an adaptation of the computer version of a studio of the same name, is noted to be the best music production app on both the iPhone and Android platforms.

The very first of its kind in the Mobile Application domain, FL Studio Mobile is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Android smartphones that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. FL Studio Mobile, created by Image-Line, gives you the tools you need to make high-quality music on the go.

Users can also benefit from a desktop plug-in, which allows you to continue working from home. FL Studio Mobile is a fantastic professional alternative for both musicians and creators.


Groove Pad (1)
Groove Pad (1)

Groovepad is a simple music-making tool that is sure to bring out your inner musician using your smartphone. The music app features many fascinating sound production tools like having;

  • A huge library of unusual and offbeat soundtracks from which you can browse and select your favorites to get started. Hip-hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, Electronic, and more.
  • Beat School is a learning feature of the app that the user can practice his/her beat production skills. To improvise freely, try the tutorials for each sound set.
  • Live Loops: Musicians can hardly make great music without the loop feature of the production software. live Loops are used to create high-quality music by allowing you to blend all of the sounds perfectly.
  • In addition to the other features present on the app, it has amazing FX effects like filter, flanger, reverb, and delay that may breathe new life into a party simply by changing the song.
  • Sharing Capability: The app also has a social media side to it. Live Loop allows bet producers to share their beats with friends and family to be.

Unlike the FLStudio, Live Loop utilizes a more simplified graphic user interface, making it easier for learners to jump on to. Making music has never gotten this easier!


Korg Kaossilator For Android
Korg Kaossilator For Android

“KORG Kaossilator for Android” is a little bit more inclined towards music professionals; it is a synthesizer app that allows users to perform full-fledged instrumental performances by moving their fingers freely on the touch surface. You can play a wide range of sounds with a single finger, from electronic noises to acoustic instruments and percussion.

A sequencer is also included, which is essential for producing songs because it allows you to construct tracks by recording and layering your performances. This complete yet straightforward instrumental experience is now available on your Android device.

There are approximately 150 built-in sounds to perform and produce a wide range of dance music styles such as EDM, house, techno, hip-hop dubstep, disco, and electro. the mobile studio also features synth leads and synth bass sounds, as well as acoustic sounds that simulate a variety of musical instruments like the piano or guitar, chords, and even popular DJ sound effects. The drum sounds allow you to play and manipulate different patterns by simply moving your finger.

One of the features that make this mobile studio stand out is that you can layer up to five musical parts using the built-in loop sequencer. You can quickly complete original loop tracks that are uniquely yours by making an overlay of sounds such as bass, sound effects, and even drums into each part. The Studio makes it easy for producers to create loops, as about fifty loops created by professional musicians are pre-installed to assist the mobile app users in getting started quickly.

This loop sequencer is a great feature for live performance in addition to its track-making capabilities. Another remarkable feature is the “Mix Play.” The Mix Play feature allows you to enjoy live remixing by seamlessly switching to another loop and even extra loops while playback is still ongoing. This gives you a live experience of the production.



This is not a song production app per se, but it would be very useful to music writers. It is the odd man out of our list and does not feature the regular mixing and production features of mobile studios on our list. Songwriters need to write their lyrics or songs for music production. So instead of using paper and pen, and having to figure out what note the keys are positioned on, a song memo has a built-in feature that can assign keys to your lyrics or musical notes.

Song Memo is the most convenient way to jot down song ideas. Song Memo’s chord keyboard makes it easier to write chord progressions. While taking a note, chords are automatically detected. You can change the key of your song by transposing it or using a capo. Import memos from the cloud or other applications. You can distribute your memos in a variety of ways.

Although it possesses a music track recorder, it is nowhere close to that of the mobile studio applications already discussed above.


Add Voice To Music
Add Voice To Music

Add Music to Voice” does not feature the production of instrumentals like other mobile studios mentioned on the list. Like its name, “Add music to voice” is used to add background music to the voice. It features a simple panel comprised of multiple layers where the user can music to a voice message or add background music to a video. You can also record your voice-over a video and make amazing slideshows and other short-purpose videos.

Add Music to Voice does not function as an app you use to add music to videos; it is also capable of simple video editing that can be used to make very entertaining short videos that would be suitable for Instagram, WhatsApp, or youtube; other key features of the include:

  • Add simple effects to your audio, like fade-in and fade-out.
  • You can cut and trim videos.
  • Adjust the volume level of the layers of videos and audio.
  • Loop background music.
  • Possess templates of Transition effects which can be used to make video beautiful


Sun Vox
Sun Vox

SunVox has received a lot of accolades from many of its users, especially those on the android and iPhone platforms. SunVox is a modular synthesizer with a pattern-based sequencer that is tiny, quick, and powerful (tracker). It’s a tool for musicians who want to produce music whenever and wherever they want. Any gadget will suffice. Although the mobile studio is free on Windows operating system, users on Android and iOS have to pay a little token to enjoy the great features of the app.

SunVox Modular Music Composition Studio, generally known as SunVox, is a music creation tool based on the SunVox Engine, a software-based modular synthesizer, and tracker-based sequencer. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux on the desktop, as well as iOS and Android on mobile devices.

The app features a huge library of about 120 synthetic drum sounds, including the sampler, which you can use to clip out samples from other pieces of music. The app can be used to adjust voice like an auto tuner, this makes it easier for users to tune their voices to fit the rhythm of the beat.

#7 Band Lab

Band Lab
Band Lab

The odd man out on the list, Band Lab possesses music-making capabilities but comes with an extra feature not found in the rest of the mobile studios on the list. With over 37 million members worldwide, BandLab is most probably the finest free music recording and leading social music creation platform.

BandLab allows everyone, regardless of skill level or experience, to create and share music. Its multi-track Mix Editor is a music creation tool that allows you to record, edit, and remix songs. The Mix Editor allows users to Make rhythms, add creative effects, and use loops and samples from genres including EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and more with free royalty-free sound packs.

There are no limitations to the amount of music you can make. You can access the music you made on your phone from your desktop browser, this is made capable by the limitless cloud storage and accessibility provided by the app developers across all platforms. It is possible to make music everywhere and anywhere!

#8 Roland Zenbeats

Roland Zenbeats
Roland Zenbeats

Zenbeats is a free DAW (composition software) from Roland that is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Zenbeats’ most notable feature is that it works with a variety of operating systems. Although there are smartphone-compatible DAWs, such as GarageBand, there may not have been a DAW as excellent as Zenbeats that can be freely shared on cellphones and PCs.

Roland Zenbeats is a music-making program that allows you to stay in a state of creative flow. Begin using any device or platform. Zenbeats integrates Roland’s heritage of creativity into a new, accessible manner with its selection of both contemporary and historical sounds. Make rhythms, learn new skills, and take in the sights and sounds of the globe. Zenbeats can help you catch your creative spark no matter where you are or what platform or device you’re using. Thanks to its cloud feature which enables you to store your production on the company’s server.

#9 RD4 – Groovebox

Rd4 Groovebox
Rd4 Groovebox

RD4 – Groovebox is a virtual analog synthesizer, drum machine, and effects program for composing music—real-time music composition and arrangement. Choose unique instruments for each of the four channels and set notes with each instrument’s sequencer or piano roll.

Although there are few options on Android, the platform is fueled by a particular kind of devotion. You can get low-latency audio and even amazing features like USB host mode, which lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or MIDI keyboard if you use a high-quality program and the correct hardware.

The refined RD4 groove box from mikrosonic continues to improve. On the Android platform, it’s undoubtedly the studio to beat. It sounds excellent, does everything you need it to, and might provide hours of entertainment when you’re on the bus, airline, or at a coffee shop experimenting with music.

The RD4 groove box is most similar to FL studio, although it may be lacking in the versatility of its user interface and the learning curve of the app. It has a good synthesizer which includes resonance, cut-off, and envelope settings on a high-quality low-pass filter The oscillator has four distinct waveforms to choose from.

With the built-in 16-step sequencer, which features accent and slide settings per note, use the multitouch control to change parameters concurrently and build melodic lines.

It also features a plethora of beat-making sounds like kick drums, snares, etc., you are also capable of controlling the intensity and delivery of each instrument with the tuning channels provided.

#10 Hip-Hop Producer Pads

Hiphop Producer Pads
Hip-hop Producer Pads

This is the simplest on the list, with its users spanning Tens of thousands, the Hip-Hop producer pad is not for serious musicians who require more complex instruments and flexibility in producing music. The app is more or less like a social media fling, although it does not feature social media and cloud features, it does provide you with a large number of useful templates that you could use to formulate your beat.

Hip-Hop Producer Pads are samplers and drum machines that may be used virtually. You’ll be able to make your Hip-Hop audio songs using Hip-Hop Producer Pads. To make melodies on the go, you may utilize Loops, One-Shots, and Samples. A metronome will assist you in maintaining your beat. Play with your buddies to make a truly spectacular Hit.

Wrap Up

Nothing beats being able to make music in your comfort. Thankfully, our list of mobile studio applications provides you with different apps which are geared to suit the need of the user. No matter what kind of music producer you are, there is an application for you. Are you a professional? Check out Fl Studio; If you’re in it for the vibe, you can check out Groove pad. More so you don’t need to spend hours trying to figure out how the applications run, you simply launch your mobile studio application and play around with it. Who knows, you just might be the next big thing!

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