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The Money in the Gaming Business Continues to Flow

Apart from being a fun and stimulating way to spend some free time on, video games make up for an impressive industry. The number of new releases consistently coming out, as well as all the additional content, give the players little room for boredom all over the world. It also allows big companies to draw more money from the market, which isn’t a piece of pie to pass up easily.

The recent premiere of the long-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games and its remarkable opening weekend sales reports, gives us a better understanding of the numbers involved. Indeed, $725 million (USD) in sold units clearly makes a mark, and it didn’t even break the Grand Theft Auto V record — one billion dollars’ worth of copies sold in the initial three days. Players sure appreciate a well-made game that concentrates on details but also, can be very faithful customers once they liked a specific title. Big companies are aware of that fact. Electronic Entertainments Studio is an excellent example, as every year, they make sure to update their popular sports series- FIFA, NHL, NBA, and NFL. Understandably, the classic franchise accumulated the most earnings so far, as they also make money from other games as well. Such timeless video games include Mario, Pokémon, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Warcraft, Final Fantasy are all worth double digits in billions of dollars.

A unique kind of gaming entertainment is real money wagering. And as the name suggests, there is no shortage of cash flowing here, with numerous providers seeking to attract the dedicated clientele and take over the market. Naturally, the big part of the action concentrates on the internet, with special consideration of the use of a mobile solution for suchlike purposes. Among them, sports betting and poker seems to be the most popular. Indeed, there are many options to choose from regarding reliable software for American players, and the business itself proves worth the effort. The estimations predict the global market value to reach around $60 billion (USD) by 2020.

Giving a little more thought to the mobile devices makes a lot of sense in this situation, as they always tend to accompany many of us throughout the day. People enjoy the freedom and accessibility they provide, making them a preferable way to enjoy games for numerous users while on the go. Such favorable circumstances (or opportunities) are not lost on producers, designers, and creators, especially considering the growth prognosis for the future. Indeed, the mobile play currently accounts for more than half of the global games market and is believed to be worth $100 billion (USD) by 2021. What started as a much smaller sector, in addition to popularized consoles and always evolving PCs, is rapidly becoming the biggest revenue-generating industry. The upcoming years are not looking too bad for those other devices either, as we should observe further improvements and revenue growth.

The future seems bright as ever, at least when it comes to the gaming world, which many expect to continue to grow. And new prospects and innovative solutions might bring even more diversity to the equation. Regardless, what should remain unchanged are the players’ expectation to get good, enjoyable games.

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