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Mozilla Firefox 70 Released With New Powerful Privacy Features

Mozilla has released Firefox 70, the latest version of the company’s web browser with an aim to provide strong privacy controls and features, especially for privacy lovers. Mozilla has claimed that Firefox’s new Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, which was introduced back in July this year, has blocked more than 450 billion third-party trackers while the users were browsing the web.

What’s New In Mozilla Firefox 70

The new Mozilla Firefox 70 comes with a dashboard that lets you find out how the web browser is blocking the third-party trackers, cookies, and other tools that track your personal information while you are browsing the internet.

The privacy protection is turned on by default in the browser’s standard settings panel. However, you can also manually edit/change the default setting as per your requirement.

The newly added privacy protection dashboard shows how many trackers including social media trackers, crypto miners, and other third-party trackers were blocked recently. You will also be able to see the total number of trackers blocked since the starting of the tracking feature.

In order to get access to all the tracking reports, you need to click on the shield icon right next to the address bar. Now the user will be able to see information related to the website and a link to access their privacy report.

Mozilla is also adding a password generator tool within the web browser that can be used to manage passwords. This tool has been integrated with the Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor to alert the user if it detects a security breach occurring in any of your email addresses.

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Firefox 70 is available for all the platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, and for Android and iOS too. If you are an existing user, simply upgrade your Firefox browser to the latest version to enjoy the new privacy features. Mozilla may also release Firefox 71 during December 2019.

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