NCC, NigComSat Sign MoU to Make 5G Work Nigeria


Both the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Nigerian Communications Satellite (NigComSat) are interested in propelling Nigeria’s digital economy higher in 2022 and beyond. The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will make possible the release of contiguous bandwidth for fifth-generation (5G) network services.

NCC and NigComSat are planning how to relocate the satellite of NigComSat to the standard position needed to make 5G work properly in Nigeria. The C-band 300MHz of the satellite is considered more suitable because of some of its advantages, and the fact that it offers cheaper terminal devices for users. If that is good working condition, the C-band 400MHz portion of the satellite will handle 5G.

NCC has vowed to work in partnership with NigComSat to ensure that the 5G network dream for Nigeria is accomplished. Experts will concentrate on how to ensure that the frequency spectrum bands between 5G and the 4G bands. There has to be a perfect environment for 5G connectivity in Nigeria.

5G scaled
5G scaled

For ease of deploying 5G connectivity, the C-band offers the best possibilities. At the present moment, there is 60-70 percent of global commercial 5G deployment currently in the C-band, making this moment the best for deploying the technology in Nigeria. To enable optimal performance, at least 100 MHz of spectrum in the C-band is all it takes for an Operator to do equitable business.

Experts are happy that NCC is coming into the picture to make things happen for those who have been waiting for the 5G network in Nigeria. NCC believes that it will be a win-win relationship between both agencies of government as well as benefiting the government and its drive to facilitate the development of Nigeria’s digital ecosystem.

Asides from making a positive impact on the Nigerian economy, the MoU will open a new chapter that fosters cooperation, collaborations, and mutual assistance for the growth of the telecommunications ecosystem in Nigeria.


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